Manipulation of the FIU – Tech Viral Tips

The deposed head of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance, Santiago Nieto, has a good public reputation, as it is believed that he was an able official who worked to free public life from corruption and abuses. However, the latest investigation he made on the head of the FIU, which he announced on October 3, following the revelations of the so-called. Pandora Letter, shows the opposite: a lack of methodological and analytical rigor, superficiality and, above all, a lack of professionalism.

The investigation is ongoing, but the names of 79 high-profile people – politicians, businessmen and artists – who created or participated in financial schemes in the so-called tax havens, initially surfaced in the press under the management of his successor. , Pablo Gomez, who wants to determine whether he has breached tax obligations or laundered money. The investigation was conducted by Nieto’s team, not by Gomez.

According to a technical review of the metadata, Diego Mauricio Ríos Esquivel and Magali González Guillén, who was responsible for the work, had been Nieto’s collaborators as he presided over the Toluca Regional Chamber of the federal judicial branch between 2008 and 2013. Ríos Esquivel was the deputy director. Strategic Evaluation at UIF, and González Guillén General Director of the Region. The investigation began on 4 October, the day following the file creation date. Pandora Letter,

There were two expressions in the conclusion of that investigation. One was published in five political columns detailing a list typed on unidentified paper, distributed via photographs and where 79 names appeared. The second, which is the original FIU document, is a digital file of an Excel spreadsheet where their date of birth is added, a basic procedure in the financial system to separate synonyms. However, there are some discrepancies between the two lists.

There are three repeated names on file, albeit with different dates of birth, as former Investbank partner Carlos Jemal Nehmad was sentenced to 75 months in prison in the United States in May 2018 for defrauding the Mexican government of $20 million Went. in the return of taxes; One of the main Mexican insurers, Interprotection directors Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal and Amado Yánez, whom former Pemex director Emilio Lozoya wanted to oust the oil company Oceanographia for bad, and pressure on them, ex-lawyer Jesus Murillo Karam Accused him of fraud, diversion of resources and tax fraud.

And when the two documents are compared, only 76 names are matched, which does not suggest an error, but rather a typed and photo manipulation of the list, as some of its details are found in newspaper columns. were widely circulated after being published in Three additional individuals to appear in the original FIU digital archive are Uri Emmanuel Ansbacher Bendrama, an Israeli businessman who founded the Proyectos y Diseños and KBH Track companies, which sold – although he denies this – Pegasus spyware to the Mexican government. , Juan Collado, friend and lawyer of former President Enrique Pea Nieto, is currently imprisoned for money laundering and tax fraud, and Lozoya, currently in preventive prison, is charged with taking bribes from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, who has been accused of taking bribes from two companies. recognized as the owner. Account holders in the Virgin Islands and Switzerland, where they received illegal payments.

The FIU’s original list does not contain additional information from what can be found publicly on the portal of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which obtained the leak of millions of documents from the tax haven, which were republished by media around the world. was presented. for example Pandora Letter, In addition, there are many names that were included in the typographical list, when the digital Excel file is analyzed, it turns out that their inclusion was only circumstantial. For example, in the case of Ansbacher Bendrama, it is noted that two of his companies in Panama, were “probably” the beneficiaries of the Pegasus sale, or the former head of the FIU and the late Sisén, Alberto Bazbaz Sackle, who appears only Because he is Jacobo’s brother and he was “probably” the beneficiary of his actions.

There are no signs of illegal actions, but several were included in the public list. One of the most surprising to appear in it is American Robert Allen Stanford, who defrauded thousands of people, including dozens of Mexicans, who have been imprisoned in the United States since 2009 and serving a 110-year sentence for fraud and money. Laundry.. Another attorney general’s brother is Federico Gertz Manero, who died in 2015 but whose name appears in Panama Papers, another investigation by the same journalists association, released in 2016.

Forty-seven people on the list are shown directly in Pandora Letter, and the FIU investigation does not contribute to anything that was previously known. There are another 32 who are either secondary figures, or appear as supplements, which are mentioned without direct implication, but whose names were previously published by the press, such as businessman Daniel Madariga, who has been included in the digital archive. Represented as “Friends and Contractors”. “For the governor of the state of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, whose wife Fernanda, a relative of Federico Gertz Manero’s partner, was included because a trust created by him in the Virgin Islands in 2008 linked to a Stanford fund.

The FIU’s digital archive has many references to people it links to family financial operations, with nothing to support it. Nieto acted this way, with a media coup without legal force, but powerful enough to damage reputation. His good reputation as an investigator is as weak as his job, where he abused power and hurt many people. It worked for the narrative of the president, but not for justice. That is, now nothing will change with Gomez.