March of Madness – Tech Viral Tips

The president announced yesterday that the morning would now include a section on the economy. This will happen on the first Thursday of every month, he said. It would be better if it were a second Thursday, making sure to include the inflation data for the previous month, which is published on the exact same day. It would also be more likely that they could include IMSS data, although it will now be published in the first five days of the month, with the first Thursday being earlier than that.

But these suggestions would make any sense if the president was really interested in talking about economics. It’s not like that. What you want is to control the speech, as you have done with many subjects. When the pandemic began, and the government’s strategy was to save money, regardless of infection or death, it invented an “evening” where they would shepherd respected people, who still believe today that the government did its job. Well done, even if it was every clear day that we were one of the countries that handled the situation the worst. If you control the information, and you lie dishonestly, that’s fine. It was not then.

He tried to extend that evening to talk about economic recovery, but it didn’t work for him. There was not much to talk about, and the public was more interested in the topic of the pandemic. But for a few months, the biggest concern of Mexicans is once again pockets: jobs, inflation, growth. And the President will take office. Not solving the problem, but making it disappear, as if by magic.

The morning convention of the President is a very serious problem. He has no counterweight, is not shy in the slightest, and then he lies calmly. It is useless if the information is clarified on the network or in the newspapers, as there is no comparison in effect. This daily propaganda exercise is a direct attack on democracy. It is only a voice that is heard, and a voice that, I insist, lies constantly.

Some believe that L√≥pez Obrador is a great communicator, he has said this for a long time. I don’t think this statement is correct. He is a man of little knowledge, but without any scrutiny, and this is why he can lie easily, sometimes without even knowing that he is doing so, as to verify the prejudices that have been with him for decades. does not attempt. His concept of economy is typical of the time he passed through university: professionalism and dependability. Since they have never worked, except in politics, they cannot understand elementary concepts such as investment, employment or inflation.

His historical vision corresponds to the fourth year of primary school, a low-level bronze story, but with dates and anecdotes. His reading of politics is even simpler: he and us, and he deserves nothing: no rights.

Since they are considered weak in terms of knowledge, it is imperative for them to destroy their opponents before they can speak. So any essential is attacked and dishonored to give a veneer of credibility to the proverbs. Universities, media, columnists, intellectuals, citizens or foreigners, are all legitimate victims.

As the distance between reality and dawn widens, the lie must do so in greater magnitude; The attacks should be more frequent, and more difficult; Subjects should be expanded; Their hosts need to be more aggressive. Political polarization is, in the end, the surest defense of lies.

There can be no democracy without public dialogue, but neither can education, research, or a functional economy. Monologue is not healthy. If reality is also denied, it is a march towards madness.