Master, did you complete your plan with Cansino and another organic plan? Booster dose no longer necessary – Tech Viral Tips

Educational workers who were immunized from CanSino in April and May 2021 and then decided to vaccinate with another biological (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Johnson & Johnson, etc.) You no longer need a booster doseMauricio Rodríguez lvarez, spokesman for Emergency Attention of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), says at least not for the time being.

The Mexican government announced that Teachers of the country will get booster dose against Kovid-19 from Saturday 8th January, The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcosar, announced that teachers will receive the vaccine from Moderna Laboratory and aims to administer 2.77 million doses of this biological.

However, UNAM experts confirm that the government has not considered Too many teachers decided to have another vaccine, except CanSino (chosen to immunize academic personnel in 2021), fearing that the formula developed by the Chinese pharmaceutical company would not be as effective.

“A lot of people went to get extra doses of vaccines and now they are going to join the list of educational staff. Let’s see if this doesn’t mess up the accounts, as many people have had other vaccines and they did what they wanted”, he assured for financial.

“That’s why it was important to respect the change and listen to experts who said CanSino was enough. There’s a campaign to denigrate vaccines, especially CanSino, there are people who are speaking badly about vaccines.” with some elements“said the expert of the country’s highest study House.

When is a booster dose of low use?

For the doctor, there would be little benefit from administering a Moderna booster dose if the patient already had a dose of CanSino and a full schedule from another laboratory, as people in this situation would have received their last dose of vaccine four months earlier.

,If someone has already applied the full schedule of CanSino supplements, as well as any other biologic, it is no longer necessary to apply a booster dose., It is important to say, if someone has already had two vaccines, this is no longer necessary, as they already have the effect of what the booster will be. If you got CanSino in May and then AstraZeneca in July, August, September, October, you’re done. You don’t need any more vaccines”, he confirmed.

Similarly, the UNAM expert stressed that it would be ideal for anyone to receive a booster vaccine, Do this only if it has been at least six months since you received the last dose of your primary program.

“When vaccines are given before four months (boosters), the utility is limited. Before four months the booster is not that good, it doesn’t work very well. It is advisable to wait for at least six months”, he informed.

Finally, Rodriguez mentioned that the government should have an option in its registration platform so that citizens can indicate whether a vaccine other than CanSino has already been implemented.

Moderna’s COVID Vaccine Effectiveness

World Health Organization (WHO) included this organic emergency use list last 30 april, after evaluating its quality, safety and efficacy.

“It has been shown that Moderna’s vaccine is about 94.1 percent effective in preventing COVID-19, 14 days after the first dose”, establishes the WHO.

In Mexico, the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) has authorized the use of Moderna’s COVID vaccine last 28 august,

Moderna’s COVID vaccine is effective against new variants of SARS-CoV-2 virus, says WHO, However, this does not explain the level of protection of this biological against the Omicron strain.

In addition, it indicates that it is unknown whether it will “protect against transmission to other people” of the biological virus. “Immunity persists for several months, but the full duration is not yet known. These important questions are under study”, he added.