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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made a new adjustment to his government. The decision, made before O’Micron fell ill, is quite clear in intent, and reflects his two big concerns at the moment. The first has to do with his youthful dream of connecting the country’s Southeast by train; Second, his electoral concern, not only for the next elections, but also with preparing the presidential succession. López Obrador does not deceive, not even when he dismisses officers who have reached the maximum level of incompetence – Peter Doctrine – but in all cases where he does not think he was deceived, he does. Protects regardless of whether it is to the detriment or not of other areas of government that think secondary in importance. The changes, although surprising, go in that direction.

Most pertinently, what this means for him, though less in hierarchical level, is the rearrangement made to save the work of the May train, whose schedule is to be delivered and start operations at the end of next year, but is risk. In retrospect, the president put forward what he thought last week, when he announced that the route in Quintana Roo would be diverted, and that he would be able to use the understanding of hoteliers to acquire past portions of their land. Will appeal to be able. , which would cost one billion pesos if they agreed to sell part of their assets.

so terrible! The Maya train project, announced in August 2018 three and a half years later, just after the election, resulted in a limited nuisance where one of its main sections would have to be redesigned. But it was either that or a worse disaster. The design has undergone several route changes. Some, as it was announced last year, where it would no longer pass through Mérida, was due to political problems: since the office of mayor and the office of governor are in the hands of Pan, the president did not want to give him his share. The dream, despite the fact that Merida is the only city it will pass through, has a railway station and tracks so you can enter it without any problems. Other changes were not due to ideological reasons, but to the incompetence of their managers.

Rogelio Jiménez Ponce, who was responsible for working as director of the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism, recently admitted that it was five months late due to bureaucratic and geological faults. To avoid being dramatic, federal officials called them sinkholes, but they were actually cenotes not seen in the original line. Some of them were filled with cement—Fonatur denied—; They could not do this to everyone, nor could they build bridges to free them, as they once believed.

Jimenez Ponce, who had stopped paying suppliers and builders for several months, can no longer stay in office. López Obrador chopped off his head and had to come to the rescue of his Maya train, crack open the checkbook and offer hoteliers one billion pesos to sell the land and meet the promised deadline for delivery. Jiménez Ponce is not going into the dustbin of the presidential oblivion, as López Obrador appointed him as the new Under-Secretary of Transport for the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport, replacing Morán Moguel.

Moran Moguel is also blamed for the delay in the construction of the Maya train, the reckless and disorganized manner in which he has not only worked in that area, but the rest of the parts it is assigned to. According to agency officials, the former under-secretary got into such serious conflicts with other officials that communication was practically broken with the secretary, George Arganiz, who did not take his calls for nearly six months. Despite being incapacitated, he did not fall without a safety net. The President appointed him the director of Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City. One more misfortune. Paradoxically – or will it be a punishment? -, the appointment was given despite the fact that it had authorized a budget for the improvement of its two terminals, and as any traveler can feel, not only is no improvement invisible, but it appears as if Benito Juárez were in neglect and in a decaying spiral.

But if these changes are administratively intimidating, a replacement for Jiménez Ponce, in terms of credentials and management, and despite competition from the bad guys, is the worst. He is Javier May Rodriguez, so incompetent that in March 2020 he was sacked by the Welfare Secretary, María Luisa Alboras. The dismissal did not materialize as the president came to the rescue of his countryman and friend, who six months later removed Alboras, in one of those presidential actions that underscored the appreciation of loyalty and contempt for competence. Diya, sent him as Environment Secretary. , and May Rodriguez was appointed in his place.

May Rodriguez continued to be who she was, having been assigned, from the start of the administration, López Obrador as her wedge, undersecretary of welfare, Ariadna Montiel, a veteran political operator who worked with Gabriel García Hernández. who was responsible for electoral strategy in the National Palace, which indicated which areas to inject social programs to gain more political advantage. Montiel May will replace Rodriguez, and the position of Under Secretary he held will be filled by María del Rocio García Pérez, who worked with López Obrador as the head of government of Mexico City.

Fonatur would have a proven incompetent as director, so we shouldn’t be surprised that control of the work, in fact, rests in the hands of the military. May Rodriguez will be able to continue collecting from the treasury without causing further damage to the administration, while opening up spaces for the president in what will be his new electoral machinery, as one of Montiel’s strategic heads.