Mayors clash with López-Gatelo

Strong reaction, they tell us that tomorrow the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mauricio Tabe, and Benito Juarez, santiago taboda, he gave to the Under Secretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, who questioned the initiative of those trying to set up low-cost COVID testing laboratories, believing it to be opportunism. Pan responded in a video released last night. “Mr. Lopez-Gatell, lying, deceiving and considering people’s suffering, which is his only specialty, is not a preventive measure,” said the first. The second added, while images appeared on the screen about the fatality of the pandemic, that “there are many publications who feel that the only thing for which they were commissioned and for which they continue to charge, they have done much worse.” Is.” Both indicated that they would continue their initiatives and warned that the problem of the man in charge of managing the pandemic is his lack of credibility. Oof.

With the news that, at yesterday morning’s conference, the mask, which has been the subject of many debates since the start of the pandemic, was strictly on the faces of most participants yesterday. The headlines of education wore it, delphina gomez, of foreign affairs, Marcelo Ebrardof national defence, Luis Crescencio Sandoval, In addition to the Health Secretary, George Alcoser, by the way, forgot it on the lecture and then got up to retrieve it, and the Under Secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatelll They show us that after the transition of the president, it was worth patenting the use of masks. There were also reports to the effect that all Staff Which makes the convention logically possible.

Not failing to comply with commitments, especially those that have relevant social implications, is something they tell us, the government of the State of Mexico is taking great care of. In that argument is that tomorrow the Governor alfredo del mazo The “Generalissimo Morelos” located in the municipality of Tenensingo went to deliver the facilities of the school, which was rebuilt after being demolished after being severely affected by the 2017 earthquake. The campus, which may continue to expand its history of nearly 50 years old, is now ready to serve an enrollment of 900 students, who will be offered a good location. By the way, the target of rehabilitation of about 4900 schools in the state has been achieved 99 percent.

Yesterday many eyebrows were raised in the business sector of Puebla, because the governor of the entity did not pay or was afraid of it, Miguel Barbosa, will start a severe reprimand. And it turns out that the state president questioned why he had not donated special equipment and even weapons for the police. “I wish the private initiative would put on a machine gun, or a marked vest, or even some handcuffs, right? Alas. They never put on anything”. And immediately Morenista ended: “Of course, they demand public safety Because according to it they pay their taxes. He never put anything”. They see us as the members of Puebla Ip didn’t stop reminding them that the monopoly of security belongs to the state and they didn’t stop to disbelieve with the fact that they were asking for machine guns! Oof.

In Hidalgo, after the closing of the ranks of the PRI among the governors Omar Fayadi and National President, alejandro moreno, federal deputy Carolina Vigiano Va Por Mexico was registered as a coalition candidate, so she would go together to measure the PAN and the PRD in the June 5 elections against Morenista. Julio Menchaca, which, in addition to a local party, Panalh, struggles with PVEM, PT and general candidacy. Meanwhile, after his attempt to go as a civilian candidate, the singer francisco xavier It will go with the acronym of Citizen Movement. He is seeking governor of that unit for the third time since 1999, as he tried before with Pan and later with Va Por México, he reminds us.

They tell us that the young mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio riojas, which many surveyors have decided to include in the measurement of their priorities for the presidential race in 2024 – thereby ensuring that many politicians who are in the same position do not take their eyes off them – yesterday announced a The old policy phrase applied to define Mexicana status regarding the idea that those who see it have already targeted a larger target in two years. “I can’t deny or include anything,” he said, and then finish: “The only thing I want right now is to serve as Monterrey’s municipal president.” The Immacist Meyer had to answer that his co-religionists, Samuel GarciaThe Governor of Nuevo León, will give you some congratulations. “There’s no better campaign than work,” he also said, he tells us.