Me and my nutrition… Olympic sprinter Ciara Magine

Q. What is your favorite healthy thing to eat?

To, MAnd the favorite thing to eat changes regularly. Right now, I’m in love with anything avocado-related. Lunch is my favorite meal and I have made some lovely lunches.

I went through the breakfast burrito phase after attending a training camp in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with guacamole a big feature. I had a lovely mashed avocado with boiled eggs (because I suck at poaching) with feta cheese and a little honey drizzled with some seeded bread today. In general, things with such combinations are my favourite.

Why, hHow do you see food? as fuel?

To, Food is food for me. I try not to complicate it. I 100% realize that food is fuel for my body, it is necessary to eat well to give me the energy to train and function as a healthy human being. Perhaps most importantly, I see food as something to be enjoyed. It is important to have a healthy relationship with food. I eat healthily, and I have treats, and I love it.

You realize how important eating the right food is to your physical health when you participate in sports, but it’s also really important to know how your diet can affect your mental health. Food can affect our moods and as the Good Ambassador for Lidl Community Works Sport, I am always eager to spread the importance of nutrition and a healthy balanced diet to young people.

This year, the Lidl Community Works Sport for Good program is focusing on promoting the benefits of exercise for young people’s mental health by providing a dedicated Mental Health Athlete Mentorship program for schools across Northern Ireland and I need to join Very proud of.

Why, IIf you were to treat yourself, what would you choose?

To, I definitely have a sweet tooth, I love biscuits and chocolate, and have a weak spot for crunch. If I’m out at a cafe, I can never resist a lovely slice of carrot cake.

Why, wooHat is an easy way to eat more fruits and vegetables?

To, I love adding both to my smoothies. It’s a simple and delicious way to get some extra fruits and vegetables.

Why, Youyou have to cook dinner early , what are you making?

To, I love baked potatoes with tuna, sweetcorn, mayo and some cheese and butter. And a wee side salad. I often have a few microwave baked potatoes in the freezer that are ready in five minutes. So that means this meal is very quick and easy and is ready in basically six minutes. This is the food I eat when I arrive late and need dinner “soon”. My family and friends will tell you, I can be a very ‘hangry’ person!

Why, Is there anything you won’t eat?

To, I hate black liquorice. that’s about it. I’m also not great with spicy food, but if I’m presented with it, I often add some Greek yogurt to make it cool and then I’m happy.

Why, hdo you eat often , More smaller meals or the standard three meals?

To, I eat less and often. I’ll have three main meals a day and then have breakfast in between. For me, getting enough calories is essential to being well-trained and staying healthy. I make sure I graze throughout the day.

Why, ToAre you a snacker?

To, Definitely. Like I said before, I fill up very quickly, so I feel hungry again very quickly. That’s why I love snacking.

Why, What is your favorite type of dish?

To, Oh, this is tough. I guess this may change for me quite a regular but for now I would say Mexican food.

Why, Toare you a good cook What would you like to learn to cook?

To, I wouldn’t put myself out there as a great cook, but I’m not afraid to try new recipes and have a tendency to get creative in the kitchen. I make curries and naans from the beginning, and I love baking pies and cakes. I would definitely love to learn more, so if anyone wants to train me let me know!

Ciara Magean is currently the ambassador for the Lidl Community Works Sport for Good program. The objective of the scheme is to encourage and support youth to make the most of the physical and mental benefits of sports participation. Over the past two years, the scheme has supported over 80 sports clubs and schools across Northern Ireland and provided more than £220,000 in funding to encourage more young people to take up the sport. To know more about the program please