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in 2014 he ran The first rumor of City’s alleged intention to isolate Banmex from itself.

At the time, five groups were known to be interested in purchasing it. Previously its former owner was, Robert Hernandez You Alfred Harpo, related Manuel Medina Moraes You Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala,

Medina Mora, who has already died, is the only Mexican to ever hold the highest executive position at Citi: he was the group’s co-chairman and general director of global banking consumption.

A second group was Banorte, controlled by international funds, but managed by the Hank family; was a third Ricardo Salinas Pligo, and a quarter Carlos Slim Helu,

Brazilian bank Itao also appeared on the list, the only one to actually publicly express interest, in days when there was speculation of pressure from the US government to force Citi to sell it.

Eight years later, the same stakeholders are there: Salinas Pliego has already said he is going ‘with everything’ to Banmex, and Hank and Slim themselves. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He put them in silent bidding yesterday with his statements.

“Hopefully this (the sale of Banmex) turns out to be some good. It is not bad, but we can turn it into a very good one, if without authoritarian measures, we manage to make this bank Mexican which was the first Mexican people was related to.”

Who on your business advisory board can board you? It is composed by Ricardo Salinas, Carlos Hank Gonzalez You Olegario Vazquez Aldeiro, three, the owners of the banks Azteca, Banorte and Multiva, respectively.

But three powerful businessmen who have enough marbles to buy Banmex have just joined the same council: Carlos Slim, german laria You alberto balleres, it by a certain owner of GNP-Profuturo, the third former of the system.

There are more businessmen and financiers in the spirit of López Obrador who can also guarantee that the Mexicanism he craves: point Julio Villarreal, owner of Banco Afirme, already Charles Bremer, Boss of Value Grupo Financiero.

There is a character who will play a fundamental role in this process of Mexicanization of Banamax. has been nominated Alfonso Romo Garza-Madero, Not only as an operator of Tabasco in the composition of shooter groups.

In one of them and even enters. He is also a financier: he was the owner of Seguros La Comercial and the brokerage firm Vector.

test of Technologies Related to Energy and Specialized Services (TRSEE), which has been in commercial bankruptcy for more than five years, and in which CDMX’s Seventh District Judge refrained from declaring bankruptcy, despite the fact that the conciliator’s report expressed Are not employees, do not generate income, do not pay taxes, or have any business activity. Thus, this ghost company has managed to remain in bankruptcy so that its main shareholder can speculate on licenses and permits related to the exploitation of the platform, which operated and was lost as a result of an arbitration award issued by the International Chamber of Commerce. September 2019. main shareholder, Ricardo Silva Padilla, a prominent member of the Mexican club that took money abroad, according to Panama PapersIt continues to receive unusual support from the authorities. Evidence of this is that the Energy and Environmental Protection Agency continues to refuse to rule on a related license, leaving a platform worth more than $500 million in the hands of a bankrupt company, which violates Pemex and the authority’s court position. , which has already authorized a solvent company to handle the operation of the platform, which is necessary because it is the only one in Mexico that can extract and compress sour gas.


next week, to be precise, on Monday, Grupo GICSA is due with a loan of 1,245 million pesos with HSBC, which proceeds George Maple, Resources were given for the Paseo Interlomas project, a mixed-use complex that includes a hotel, shopping and entertainment area. Brothers Developer Abraham You Elijah Kababi It has struggled in managing its liabilities since the start of the pandemic. Last year he achieved a standing still with the bank, but has not been able to completely restructure its loans. Another finish of two credits from the Paseo Arcos Bosque project is coming in November. One in $118 million and one in 562 million pesos, also with HSBC, and with Citibanamex, which commands Manuel Romo,


that process keep going actors are in demand Diego Moon You Gael Garcia against the British beverage multinational Diageo, which presides over Ivan Menezes, The Supreme Court of Justice ruled in November that Histrionic’s complaint was justified, counting the amount claimed in 2011 for the illegal exploitation of his image in an advertising campaign for Johnnie Walker whiskey that lasted half a year. That amounted to about $300 million in Mexico in that period, for which 120 million would be prosecuted, which equates to 40 percent of the billing. In addition, there is another demand that runs parallel to the non-economic damage. That is, about 50 million pesos in each case.

today secretary of foreign affairs, Marcelo Ebrardwill issue a bid decision for the service of Call center which will schedule appointments for services in Mexico, the United States and Canada. In North America alone, up to 30,000 calls are received a day, generating billing of up to 20 million pesos per month. With this new 36-month contract, the agency intends to incentivize the winning company to invest in technology and generate savings of up to 30 percent for the agency in this area. Bufete Empresarial GTI, TKM Customer Solutions, Infocredit and Coll Management submitted proposals. The contract is approximately 700 million pesos.


white and case, who has just taken over Francis of RosenzweigThe year started with a wrong move. And it’s that about 15 attorneys from that New York firm have just joined the ranks of their competition, DLA Piper, who commands together here. eduardo galastegui You gerardo lozano, Joined as a New International Partner alvaro garza and five other national partners and 10 partners who will strengthen the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate, administrative and commercial litigation and taxes. The latter, of taxes, is strengthened with the advent of William Aguayo, DLA is an international law firm with the largest presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. Here they are picking up speed.