Mexico breaks its fourth record in consecutive cases

For the fourth day in a row, Mexico broke the record for daily COVID-19 infections, this time with 44,293 cases in 24 hours, the most in the entire pandemic.

On Tuesday itself, a new record was set, with 33,626 cases being reported, a figure which was again crossed the next day with 44,187, and which was maintained on Thursday, with 43,523. On Saturday, January 8, they added 30 1,671 infected.

In this way, the total number of cases accumulated till January 14 is four lakh 302 thousand 069.

The Ministry of Health (SSA), in its daily technical report, has also reported 195 deaths from the virus in the last 24 hours, taking the total to 301,107 deaths till yesterday.

The agency announced that the estimated number of active cases stands at 289,422, the highest figure in the entire pandemic, and is 56 percent higher than what was recorded on Tuesday, when the indicator added 184,000 to 660 cases. Also, he told that there are 616 thousand 441 suspicious cases.

Regarding the hospital situation, the SSA highlighted that occupancy of normal beds has increased by two percentage points, from 26 to 28 per cent in the last 24 hours; While the fan beds remain at 16 per cent. On Tuesday alone, the percentages were 21 and 14 per cent respectively.

Regarding the National Immunization Strategy, the agency said that 937 thousand 885 doses were administered on Thursday, so far 82 lakh 725 thousand 740 people have been vaccinated, out of which 92 percent have a plan complete and eight percent dose.

Mexico City has the most vaccinated people, with 100 percent; Quintana Roo, 99, and Queretaro, 98; In contrast, the people with the lowest immunization population are Chiapas, with 69 percent; Guerrero and Oaxaca, 74 percent each.

  • Fact: The government of Sinaloa postponed the return to face-to-face classes scheduled for January 17 until further notice.

CDMX does not change; morelos, yes

Earlier, officials in Mexico City announced that the nation’s capital would remain at green traffic lights for another week at an epidemiological risk; Conversely, the people of Morelos announced that the unit reverts to medium-risk yellow.

At a conference, Eduardo Clarke, Director of Digital Government, said that although there has been an increase in infections due to the Omicron wave, this is not reflected in hospitalizations “which continue at only 14 percent, this does not mean that We are reducing, but today’s cases do not affect people hospitalized as before.”

As of the last report, 1,239 people are hospitalized in Mexico City, of whom 208 require ventilators for respiratory support, while 1,492 people are hospitalized in the Valley of Mexico.

He told that on an average there are seven thousand positive people daily. However, he clarified that between eight and nine thousand infection days have been observed; Apart from the fact that the majority of people admitted to hospital were found to be because they do not want to be vaccinated or do not have a complete program and are over 50 years of age.

Separately, the governor of Morelos, Cuoutémoc Blanco, pointed out that given the substantial increase in positive cases, the unit would return to a yellow traffic light, above, a week after the SSA declared Morelos and 18 other states would be green. Fortnight from 10th January to 23rd January 2022.

“In Morelos, health comes first. As a protective measure against a surge in infections, our state returns to a yellow light with the restrictions it implies. Let’s not let our guard down! We’re still a are passing through the pandemic and the health of many people is still in danger, ”the president wrote on his social network.