Micron pushes US to hospital record

In a matter of weeks, the Omicron surge toppled the hospital system in the United States, setting a new record more than a year after its worst peak of hospitalizations by Covid-19, while the government Wants to commit insurers to guarantee testing. Free in a way after reaching 1.1 million positives in a day.

With 135 thousand patients admitted, the country reached one that was already anticipated due to the exponential growth of this lineage, leading to the saturation of many hospitals in the country, according to a Reuters count. Because the previous maximum was 132,051.

But ABC reports that figure could be even worse, up to 140 thousand, as many centers only count people who are admitted with symptoms, not those who are already hospitalized with the virus. test positive for; That’s well above the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) final balance that in its last update of the 107 thousand beds occupied by the pandemic after more than a month of fighting Omicron.

According to the agency’s tracking, the maximum levels are up to 11 entities: Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC and Wisconsin, a fact that extends to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

In addition, it was reported that nearly a quarter of hospitals face the loss of healthcare workers, due to the quarantine of workers, which is reminiscent of previous waves of limiting care.

And the risks don’t end there, as the CDC recommends not traveling to Canada, a neighboring country, because of the “very high” health hazard, as well as 50 other countries, including South Africa, Great Britain and France. He warned that even those who have completed their COVID plan could contract the virus or become re-infected.

And it is that hospitals in that country – with improved levels of vaccination – experience a significant increase in hospital stays after a more than 10 percent reduction in personnel due to new infections, a situation that even polices and firefighters face. affects.

In connection with the increase in the availability of tests in the US, it was estimated that President Joe Biden wants insurers to offer up to eight months of freebies per person, days after he announced the purchase of up to 500 million tests.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), measures with which they encourage firms to cover the full cost or reimburse up to $12 to those receiving them separately are a decrease in recent days. After that, it will be applicable from next 15 January.

Faced with this conflict, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that in a matter of months they would have their new vaccine designed against this new South African ancestry. Despite the fact that dozens of experts suggested it wouldn’t be necessary, the firm’s director, Albert Boerla, announced that it would likely have a new dose in March, reinforced by the current one, which it estimated would set it against others. will be safe. Variants.

  • Data: One of the areas of greatest concern with hospitalization is minors, a fact for which the medical regulator pushed forward the use of reinforcement among adolescents.

See Who “Illusion”

The World Health Organization (WHO) rejected the coexistence of Delta and Omicron, identified by the Cypriot authorities as “Deltakron”.

Just days after that combination was detected by the European nation’s Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove warned about the risk of forming the word without backing or scientific backing, saying it assumed The mixture was due to “contamination”. Sequencing of variants.

He said it is possible that combinations of respiratory diseases are registered, but he sought not to redo these terms, which only lead to confusion, as is also the case with “Fluron”, a combination of COVID and influenza. expected to be together. And he reiterated that the only new version currently on his radar is IHU, which originated in Cameroon and he does not consider this to be a concern at this time, as Micron has surpassed it by becoming a flagship in several countries.