“Millions of dollars are at stake if Djokovic doesn’t join Australia”

In the next few hours, the future of world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic in the next Australian Open 2022 will be decided.

Australian immigration minister Alex Hawke did not make a decision on Thursday on the Serbian tennis player’s deportation, while the world number one was drawn into a draw to play at the Australian Open.

Since last Monday justice agreed with Djokovic and allowed him to remain in Australia, Hawke has limited himself to saying he retains the possibility of using special powers granted by law, To deport a tennis player for not meeting the requirements imposed. Countries before covid-19.

However, the world number one player in the ATP rankings works with his lawyer to win a legal battle.

Djokovic arrived in Australia on 5 January with a medical exemption for not having been vaccinated to participate in the tournament, but customs agents denied his visa and was held in a hotel in Melbourne while his lawyers tried an Australian court. Appeal was filed in, who ordered them. Release on Monday.

We spoke to sports analyst Aline Arnott and how the next Australian Open, which runs from January 17-30, will play out.

Aline Arnott (AA): A super scandal has erupted, it’s also like an issue that everyone has their own agenda and it all starts as the world number one tennis player Djokovic, also the defending champion of the Australian Open, has 20 Grand Slams with him. are also. Federer and Nadal. Be careful, he is anti-vaccine, he has declared himself and spoken, he is not in favor of vaccines. So he tries to go to the Australian Open, for the first visa application, he says he was his agent, they fill out the visa form. He tried to enter with a medical waiver that was not valid and they take away his visa, they send him to a hotel, which they say was horrible, and there was already a Serb community in Melbourne , who came out on the streets in great anger.

He contacts some lawyers, but to enter Australia, like many First World countries today, and in many places, you must present vaccination records. It’s a federal law, whoever you are. After this, Novak Djokovic will have to deal with it. He debated a medical issue with the Open Tennis Association and the state of Victoria, but when he comes and goes to a federal judge and tells him: “It’s federal law and you have to get vaccinated”, he doesn’t get vaccinated. has been imposed and they take away his visa and send him to this hotel. He, along with his team of lawyers, starts contesting the elections. Then it emerges, that what appears to be a lie was that Djokovic only gave Kovid on 16 December, two days after Djokovic tested positive at his sponsors’ social events and in public things on 18 December.

BB: He also gave an infected interview.

AA: Of course, and he did a photo session with an already infected, then the controversy grew even more, as the Prime Minister of Serbia defended him and now he said: “Ah, no, but then you also violate our country’s quarantine law There is a German media outlet, Der Spiegel, who is saying that he is lying about his test, that he may have invented that entering Australia was positive and to be able to say: “My just had covid, i have antibodies, i can enter, doctor because of problem i still can’t get vaccinated.

If you had covid and gave a test on December 16th by the 18th, when you went to public events, you should have got the result. How irresponsible it is to show off and be with people at social events and marketing events. So, this already made the government of Serbia very upset. He was also in Spain and then the Australian authorities also said: “Let’s see, how infected he was…?”, and the lie he lied is that he said he had visited any country before entering Australia. Didn’t visit, and lied there too. The Australian government has to stand firm, they have to set an example for not being Djokovic, they are going to make exceptions, rules are rules. But millions of dollars are at stake with TV commercial sponsorships and Djokovic’s own Grand Prix victory.

BB: How much money are we talking about?

AA: It’s also a pleasure to see him in sport, economic and ratings, and all that shows that he is number one in the tournament not only because a lot has been lost, but at the same time setting an example to Australia. Is. This people.

BB: How much does it represent that Djokovic is in this tournament?

AA: Djokovic has a chance to win $3.3 million; In addition, he is a favorite, that is, he loses the opportunity to be number one. What they were asking now was to take him out of the hotel and let him stay in the house he has rented, so that he would not be left in such a precarious position, because the hotel should not be very beautiful for the exiles. Either to the best tennis player in the world of sports. A very important decision is starting from today. He already asked Nadal and Federer, and the truth is they didn’t want to get into a brawl, but he said: “I don’t want to be in their shoes, but it’s a rule that has to be followed. This pandemic has hit many took lives of people, even for his honor.”

The Australian government has to stand firm, they have to set an example for not being Djokovic, they are going to make exceptions, rules are rules. But there are millions of dollars at stake with what you get for winning TV commercial sponsorships and grand prizes

BB: There is also the case of a tennis player who, as she is not number one in the world, and vaccinated with Sputnik, not yet authorized by the Australian government, was not allowed to enter.

AA: She did, she already knew from December that she would not be able to participate, Vikhlantseva is number 45 in the world and had the option of being vaccinated in the world with Pfizer during a few tours, but she didn’t during the tournament if he felt bad; Then she waits for her country to go to Russia, and Sputnik is worn, and well, as it is not allowed in many countries, and from December she writes and says: “They parted me because of this Not allowed to take it and because of this”, but for now the possibility is that Djokovic may actually be playing the Australian Open, and then the issue of gender equality comes up again.

BB: What is Djokovic’s biggest loss if it is finally decided that he cannot play.

AA: He, in sporting form, will miss the opportunity to be crowned, as he is a widespread favourite.