Minimum, financial crimes investigation

Juarez City.- The presumed headquarters of criminal organizations, the Chihuahua is an institution in which the investigation of financial crimes is minimal.

According to a report by the General Directorate of Financial and Miscellaneous Crimes of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), updated as of December 7, this agency has generated only two complaints in Chihuahuas for this type of crime since 2018.

Data provided via request for information indicates that one of the processes is from 2018 and the other is from 2021, showing a decrease compared to the five cases in 2017.

Another record from 2014 and two from 2016 complete the figures, adding 10 inquiries from 2012 to 7 December, which the document describes as “facts relating to the possible commission of offenses indicated in various financial laws” and in which SHCP is “victim or hurt”.

According to the study “Financial Intelligence and the Fight Against Corruption” released in 2021 by the federal government, investigations into these crimes are necessary for prosecution, for example, of money of illicit origin.

“In financial crimes, at least three specific objects can be prescribed: transactions and relation of people; relation of people and people; and relation of people and goods”, points out the report cited and generated by SHCP.

For local deputy María Antonieta Pérez Reyes, who has led the collection of alleged fraud cases by investment promoter Aras Investment Group, the small number of investigations is “alarming” given the number of incidents attributed to criminal groups. organized in the unit.

“It is worrying to know that the Directorate General of Financial Crimes, Ministry of Finance has very few investigation cases in the state, unfortunately, it is one of the ones with high rates of crime, human trafficking, arms smuggling, drug trafficking. smuggling of undocumented immigrants (…) someone is charging for that work and that money must be somewhere,” said the MLA from Morena.

“And this is worrying because we all know that the only way to deal with high-impact crimes and criminal organizations is to stop the flow of money, to investigate the origin of money, the flow that goes through the accounts; and until SHCP does not carry out this thorough investigation, it is clear that the Crime Commission will continue to put the state in the first place of crime”, Perez Reyes said.

Yesterday, the Social Communication Office of the SHCP did not respond to a request for information on the reasons for the shortfall in the figures.

In a response provided through the National Transparency Forum, this federal government agency did not report the breakdown of the municipalities in which the files originated, due to “privacy” of data as to the destination of each case. nor was able to provide. If there were people arrested or punished.

“This General Directorate of Financial and Miscellaneous Offenses is empowered to prepare and sign complaints and procedural requirements for offenses indicated in various financial laws (…) derived from the above, this administrative unit has data from the year 2012, which are described”, he adds, before including the table with the annual figures in the state.

take note

In recent years, according to the SHCP report, inquiries have decreased:

case of the year

2017 5

2018 1

2021 1