Monreal’s daughter separated after taking 35 million pesos contract

Mexico City- Catalina Monreal, daughter of Senator Ricardo Monreal, distanced herself from contracts that the multiservio La Plata gas station company, of which she is a partner, has received 35 million pesos over the past three years.

Information published this Tuesday by Reforma noted that an award for 3.2 million pesos was handed over by a delegation of the Ministry of Welfare, owned by Veronica del Carmen Diaz Robles, to Alda Catalina Monreal, daughter of Morena’s coordinator in the Senate. Auntie is According to an investigation conducted by Mexicanos Contra la Corupción y la Impunidad (MCCI).

Additionally, it has received 27.8 million pesos from IMSS and another 5.1 million from SCT.

“My actions have never been administrative, so I am not responsible for the signing and execution of company contracts,” Catalina Monreal clarified in a letter to Reforma.

The Senator’s daughter noted that the contract with the Delegation of Development Programs in Zacatecas began in 2016 when Multiservio La Plata participated in the acquisition process and invited three participants in the acquisition process, now carried out by the Delegation of the Secretariat of Social Development Huh. Supply petrol to this agency by 2019.

“That year, the company again participated in another invitation to three participants to serve the Delegation of Development Programs in Zacatecas, a contract that it received and was in force until 2021,” he explained.

Catalina Monreal assures that, like her uncle Luis Enrique Monreal vila, she is separated from Veronica del Carmen Diaz Robles, the superdelegate for social events in Zacatecas, and that there is no relationship that can benefit her.

“There is no connection with the contract awarding authorities, because, as the same note makes clear, that the company signed with the Delegation of Development Programs in Zacatecas, took place between 2019 and 2021, and its owner, Veronica Diaz Robles, legally separated from Luis Enrique Monreal vila before this period,” he said.

“It is clear from the last two points that to date there is no contractual relationship with the Delegation of Programs for Development in Zacatecas, which began in 2016 (then called the Delegation of the Secretariat of Social Development in Zacatecas) and ended in 2021. Done. “.

Catalina also pointed out that both public and private companies receive gasoline vouchers for the performance of their duties.

“In the case of public agencies, these processes are carried out in accordance with the Acquisition, Leases and Services Act, which allows it to be done directly to participants through bids or invitations.

“With respect to the contracts mentioned in the note in question, Multiservio La Plata, through the process of inviting three participants, entered into a contract with the Delegation of Development Programs in Zacatecas, equivalent to $2,009,700 (two million nine thousand seven hundred pesos), Received.

“The balance referred to in the other contract and the note is in accordance with various procedures with other agencies of the State of Zacatecas, achieved through procedures linked to the rules of the same, so that all contracts that Multiservio La Plata has upheld and that Like most companies belonging to this category, with public precedents, they were acquired through legal and transparent processes”.

Catalina Monreal specified that she currently holds no public office and that her activities are private.

“Multiservicio La Plata is a company that, like most companies in Mexico, participates in multiple bidding processes, so it is not surprising that there are contractual relationships with public agencies,” he replied.