More than 2 thousand passengers without flight and without money

Passengers affected by flights canceled this week at Ciudad Juárez airport due to COVID-19 amounted to over 2,000, some of whom were embezzled for unexpectedly paying for more hotel nights and extra meals .

According to local travel agencies estimates, a flight carries about 200 passengers; Multiplying by at least 12 flights canceled from Monday to yesterday, that is, 2,400.

Travel agency personnel said the impact on the travel package was minimal. However, he had to intervene for injured customers who requested flight changes or money reimbursement.

The case is of Viajes Majalca, because one of his passengers had been stuck in Los Cabos since Sunday, when his last-minute flight was cancelled, so, although they changed it, he had to pay a cost and stay on his stay. But had to spend more.

According to Centro Norte Airport Group, known as OMA, flights returned to normal yesterday, with only one cancellation and a few delays recorded.

Aeromexico reported that, due to the impact of COVID-19, yesterday there were modifications to 50 out of 454 flights, one of them at this border, 118, bound for Mexico City.

For today, the airline has already made modifications to 42 of the 508 flights scheduled; However, none affect Ciudad Juárez Airport. For Friday the 14th, it expects changes to 42 of 501 flights scheduled on its Juarez-Mexico City route, one of which is AM 118.

Viva Aerobus and Volaris, other airlines that also canceled flights this week, no longer report suspensions from yesterday, only some delays.

The problems with the airlines started last weekend; Nevertheless, the cancellations directly affected Ciudad Juárez Airport until Monday, when nine Aeromexico and Volaris flights were cancelled, another three Aeromexico flights were canceled on Tuesday and another yesterday.

Grupo Aeromexico reported that due to the effects of COVID-19, they had revisions across the country – that is, they were cancelled, delayed or redirected to other points. There were 125 flights out of 489 scheduled on Monday, 40 out of 443 flights on Tuesday and 24 out of 454 flights yesterday.

Travelers shared in interviews that affected companies are looking for a way to accommodate people stranded at various airports, primarily one in Mexico City. One of the options is that they offer volunteers to delay their flights and thus be able to accommodate those who need to reach their destinations urgently.

Viva Aerobus informed El Darío that given the current scenario that presents the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic – mainly due to the Omicron variant – with impacts on employees of all airlines globally, it has decided to tackle it. has strengthened its biosafety protocols for Situation.

He explained that about four per cent of the total crew is in isolation due to a suspected or confirmed case of SARS-CoV-2.

“Viva Aerobus makes a commitment to compensate its passengers and/or provide them with options that allow them to make their journey as soon as possible in the event of an impact on their flight, always in the best interest of all employees. and passengers as the number one priority”, he indicated.

Aeromexico justified that the new wave of COVID-19 has affected global aviation, causing some flight losses, and is implementing monitoring protocols, including adjustments to planned operations, to guarantee the safety of customers and associates. Is.

“We focus our efforts on minimizing impact and we work to serve customers who have modified their travel plans in the best possible way, providing them with the greatest safety and the shortest possible time to their destinations. to carry over,” he said. Statement..

“Flight delay or cancellation is not a decision we take lightly and is always a last resort. We will continue to apply the highest protocols across all operations, without exception, through our health and hygiene management system. We invite customers to keep an eye on their flight status through our official channels,” the airline said.