Morena fanatics exposed

The opposition parties do not see any major obstacle in the Rashtriya Utthan Andolan (Morena). Leaders in major political organizations continue without ideas of change.

The insurgency in the Pan failed to shake off an opaque and abusive leader, Marco Cortés. Pan took advantage of the disorganization of that political institution to elect himself as the party’s president.

Since 2018, Morena’s victories have plunged him into a defeat he can’t overcome. National action is now weak. And if he does not give her oxygen, her fate will remain in uncertainty.

And in the tricolour—the PRI—it built its electoral and political power primarily on the loyalty of its militants and the strategies it devised for the electoral process. Their power was so great that the then Secretary of Agriculture, Oscar Breuer Herrera, cynically admitted that Mexican farmers were only willing to vote, not to sow.

Thus was formed the great electoral force of the once mighty Tricolor Party, which allowed them not to leave a single state of the country for 59 years, let alone the Presidency of the Republic.

The change in 2000 tried to follow in the footsteps of the PRI, although it was far from it, when then-president Vicente Fox Quezada pretended to be a great voter. Things didn’t work out and Santiago Crele remained determined to replace Guanajuato, as Felipe Calderón crossed paths with him.

Felipe Calderón imposed himself on the will of the then federal executive, but he did not learn the lesson and wanted to do the same, as Ernesto Cordero, a candidate who lost to Josefina Vázquez Mota, and was overwhelmed by a then-light , without culture, with much ignorance, but fresh politician Enrique Pea Nieto.

In national politics it is incomprehensible how the president gets so arrogant with so many notices and doesn’t listen to reason or experiment in others’ heads, because one after the other they get decolonization. Currently, the federal executive opens the presidential race ahead of schedule, but thus leaves the lions open.

We all know that the presidents of Panchayati Raj Institutions sow their loyalty and proximity to the candidates of their party and then try to carry forward the main threads of political or economic activities of the country.

The same thing happened in the state governments, although it was the same President of the Republic who sent his close friends that he would not join the succession to rule the states from which he came and that he even ruled the states. had dared. Which could have been for foreign and unknown subjects in the unit.

Former presidents and governors soon received the first lesson, when they endured for more than a year that they rushed into their governments and then blocked them.

In the present, the event reappears when a president determined to leave the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, as successor.

He makes it clear when he is presented with other characters and longs for the same thing as Claudia’s for the presidential candidacy. Foreign relations secretary Marcelo Ebrard and Senate Majority Coordinator Ricardo Monreal have found themselves scorned on a variety of occasions.

Both have a presence and sympathy among citizens, one more than the other, but both have opened their letters and stated their intentions to compete for the presidential candidacy and, if successful, that of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. become successors.

The Presidential Contest is opened by the President himself and in it he writes to many of his colleagues, most of whom are forgotten in the contest.


Insecurity is overwhelmed in the country, and especially in states like Veracruz, and shows that the federal and local governments have been completely overwhelmed, Julen Rementeria del Puerto, the coordinator of the Pan Bench in the Senate, alleged that the Saar left the armed forces. has gone.

“The level of violence remains overwhelming, even though the National Guard was sanctioned and we were told it was being resolved, it was being addressed. given, which can be of great help in terms of security by giving them orders that have nothing to do with their essence, which are not in their organic law, nor their army, nor the Mexican navy. What he does is, well, it weakens us as a state and the result is there,” he announced at a press conference.

The Veracruz senator regrets that this 2022 has started with really negative data on the security issue, where clearly the government has been surpassed. In Veracruz, he cited, bodies have been found in various parts of the state such as Isla, Emiliano Zapata, San Rafael and Nautla, “and we are getting used to this bad news, to these atrocities.”

He stressed, “The issue of security is a real misfortune, where we have not been able to solve the problem, where this crisis of population, which is one of the main concerns, is still in force, is still pending.”

Unfortunately, the government seems to be dealing with other issues, barring a few as important as these incidents that genuinely worry, scare and alert the entire population of each state and country, he concluded.