Mother-in-law of three Julie Kehoe (27) who died in accident on New Year’s Eve was ‘a star to all who knew her’, funeral hears

The funeral of Julie Kehoe, a young mother-in-law of three children who were tragically killed in a car accident on New Year’s Eve, recounts how she is someone who cherishes all her friends and family and “one for all of them.” was the star who knew him”.

He was on his way to visit his boyfriend in Ko Cavan with his three children Jack (12), Grace (1) and three-week-old Hannah. A young couple in the other car – both in their 20s – also lost their lives.

His best friend Sinead and partner Daisy Herry paid heartfelt tributes to the former care worker.

Both praised her son Jack, describing him as “the strongest and bravest boy” to recover from his injuries in the hospital.

Ms. Kehoe was the one who always thought of her mother, Geraldine, never visiting Penny or returning from vacation without bringing anything back.

He idolized his older brothers Ger and Ciaran, two men who had always “protected and supported him”.

Sinead said: “She was a carbon copy of Ciaran at times, I would often say, especially when she had a few drinks and just before she looked into his eyes she could say or do something that would make her You will regret it in the morning. But only Julie could do something that will make you laugh until you cry.”

Her sister Martina was described as her brightest light and one who made her the person she was.

As someone who enjoys socializing with friends, the lockdown proved difficult during the pandemic.

She changed the name of WhatsApp group chats to capital letters “Let’s stay connected” and changed conversations about organizing a trip to Courttown for coffee into holiday planning in Bali.

“No picture, word or video can describe what she means to us,” the mourners were told.

Her partner, Daisy, was “the savior in her life” and her “happy place” – although she admitted that her family and friends initially struggled with the Cavan accent.

He told how he turned his Cavan house into a home and “made a man out of me.”

The couple was together for two and a half years and loved their two daughters.

“You can only say she was some stuff,” he told the mourners.

“We had a lot of fights, but mainly over cigarettes,” he laughed.

“With the money she was brilliant, she would get it and get rid of it.”

He thanks Jack for dating Julie and appreciates her actions at the accident site, where he gives the family members’ contact details to Gardai to alert him to the accident.

Mr Harry said he would be greatly missed by everyone who knew him and asked people in the church to give a big boost to his life until 27.

“He enjoyed it,” he said.

Gifts representing her life were brought to the altar by friends and family.

Jack’s love of hurling—and his obsession with screaming for him on the sidelines—was a bust and slog.

Scallops and sand for her love of the beach, makeup for her interest in beauty, dolls symbolizing her love for her two daughters, and a mug she gave to her mother with the quote: “She believed she could. So she did.”

In his sermon, Father Brian Whelan said that he had filled many people with joy in his “short, but beautiful life”.

“This unimaginable, horrific incident has left our lives behind, this entire community has been stunned in silence for the past several days,” he said.

“Christmas and New Year’s are a time of family and fun and suddenly tragedy and devastation have struck the lives of the Kehoe family. It’s unfair, it’s terrible.

“For 27 years, this star has been with her family and friends and what a wonderful 27 years they were; Full of joy, happiness, excitement, fun and love.”

Friends and family thank the staff at Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Our Ladies Hospital of Lourdes in Drogheda and Blanchardstown Hospital for their treatment of the children and Julie.

Jack is recovering, while Grace and Hannah have minor injuries.

His late father Jack Kehoe was also remembered en masse. He is survived by his mother Geraldine, partner Daisy, children Jack, Grace and Hannah and siblings Gere, Martina and Cerran, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins, extended family, relatives and friends.

Saoirse Corrigan, 21, who was traveling in another car, was buried yesterday afternoon in Westmeath, where it was heard at her funeral that she was a dedicated teacher who was passionate about learning. Her boyfriend Shane Gilchrist (23) was also buried today.