MP Andrew Bridghan joins Tory Voices demanding PM’s resignation


The Conservative MP for North West Leicester has become the fifth politician in Johnson’s own party to ask the prime minister to leave “Partygate”.

Andrew Bridghan had previously been a loyal supporter of the PM, backing him for the Tory leadership in 2019 and campaigning with him for Brexit.

On Thursday evening, Tory MPs joined a chorus of prominent voices demanding Mr Johnson’s resignation, announcing that he had submitted a letter of no confidence.

In the wake of revelations from Downing Street staff at parties organized during the lockdown that saw families unable to see dying loved ones or attend funerals, Mr Bridghan said the prime minister’s position had become “untenable”.

I am calling on the Prime Minister to stand down, now is the time to do the right thing.

In a Telegraph op-ed published on Thursday evening, Mr Bridghan said there is currently “a moral void at the heart of our government”.

The Tory MP continued: “I am calling on the prime minister to stand up, there is still time to do the right thing.

“For years to come, Boris will be remembered as delivering Brexit and guiding us through a pandemic.

“His legacy should not be stuck in the mud, but of knowing when the time is right to leave the stage.

“If Boris really loves our country, our democracy and our party, he must now go with some grace.”

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross also called for Boris Johnson to leave this week (Fraser Bremer/Daily Mail/PA) , PA Wire

Mr Bridghan, who said he had previously held the PM with great respect, also spoke of Mr Johnson getting hurt when he claimed he did not know he was attending a party at the time of the strict lockdown.

He continued: “While the lie is easily so bad that a reasonable person could question the position of the prime minister, the truth is at least as bad.”