Municipality tightens anti-covid measures

Juarez City.- In view of the increase in the cases of covid-19, the municipality suspended its massive activities, such as Christmas villas, the ceremony of the thread of kings and other events taking place in the headquarters of various municipal, decentralized units and community centres, it said. The report was made in a press release.

Due to the situation, three Christmas villas in DIF Park, Juan Gabriel Square and one located on De las Torres and Mitla avenues, were closed since yesterday, and the Rosca de Reyes celebrations that had been planned by the Directorate of Civil Services were cancelled. Was.

The Directorate of Commercial Regulation has the mandate to supervise all businesses in the city that capacity is respected, furthermore that biosafety regulations are enforced and all sanitary measures are followed to care for the health of citizens. it’s known.

In addition, the Directorate of Human Resources issued official letters to all municipal offices so that in case of a worker with symptoms of a cold, he should be immediately sent to the Santiago Troncoso Community Center for examination to find out whether Will be done. Apart from receiving medical consultation and treatment, she has Covid-19.

The Municipal President, Cruz Pérez Cuellar, informed that the collection of property tax would not be suspended, and to continue the program, a sanitary protocol would be implemented and various biosafety measures would be followed to prevent infection among citizens. Will be done. To avoid rush in payment of this tax, the population is recommended to complete the online process by entering, they can also visit various modules and branches which are located in the municipality has arranged. Those who grab hold without waiting in long lines and taking advantage of the 15% discount offered during January.

Some places where you can make property payments are Banks Bannergio, Santander, Banorte, Banmex, Banbagio, Scotiabank, BBVA and HSBC.

Similarly, the payment modules in shopping centers are: Plaza Sendero, Aurrera Jilotepec, S-Mart López Mateos and La Cuesta, Galerías Tec, Gran Patio, Las Torres, Plaza Juárez, Rio Grande and Soriana San Lorenzo.

Also at the Land Registry Office, Business Regulation Office, Nielsen Building, Southeast Civil Services Office, Frida Kahlo Community Center, as well as Sur and University police stations.

The municipality asked people to take extreme precautionary measures, such as frequent hand washing, wearing of face masks, maintaining healthy distance and avoiding crowds, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Also, keep the house ventilated, cover the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, clean and disinfect work surfaces, be aware of their health and go for tests immediately to find out if they have covid – 19, as soon as they detect the first. cold symptom.

Three Christmas Villa

With the intention of looking after the health of the families of Juárez visiting the three Christmas villages, the municipality has decided to cancel the activities in these places, hence the traditional event of Rosca de Reyes which was planned for this January 6 Hugo Alberto Vallejo Quintana, Director of Citizen Attention, made the announcement.

He explained that during the period in which the three Christmas villas were put into service, biosecurity measures were implemented, such as the use of face masks at all times, the use of disinfectant gel and healthy distances, apart from taking care of the permitted capacity of the establishments. inside.

“These actions are meant as a preventive measure, as it is not convenient to organize large-scale events, even if they are outside, as per the recommendations of the municipal health directorate,” the official said.


• Commercial regulation will verify that installations comply with capacity and hygiene recommendations

– Test employees with symptoms


• Citizens can visit in person to pay property, but it is recommended to process at

• They can visit the various modules and branches that the Municipality has arranged where 15% discount will be applied for Tatkal payment.

• Banks where tax can be paid: Banregio, Santander, Banorte, Banmax, Banbagio, Scotiabank, BBVA and HSBC