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General Director of Private Security of the Secretariat of Security and Civil Defense

There is no doubt that as markets navigate uncertainty and their reactions to what happens with the pandemic, or any other event transforming the world economy, may be driven by short- and medium-term bets, rather than the urgency of the changes. Huh. are necessary to adapt to a new reality.

According to the latest scientific findings, the most recent example was the newer version of the coronavirus, more contagious yes, but less deadly than the simple one that affected us earlier in that it doesn’t affect the lungs.

However, that did not prevent the planet’s economy from remaining in suspense for several weeks due to the possible effects of a possible fourth wave. Europe, in particular, has decided not to take the risk, and many of its countries have reacted almost to the start of the pandemic, and the United States is looking for ways to move its uninsured population to public health. to do so without judgment. issue for the political sphere.

However, in this upheaval, also arises analysis and measures about the steps that must be taken so that there are different supply chains, the way many products are produced, the work relationships with the thousands of people who are unwilling to return to their jobs in earlier conditions, and for a complete redesign of industries that can no longer afford to ignore the effects of climate change or new health contingencies.

These views put Mexico in a favorable position that had not surfaced in recent decades. The possibility that a North American economic bloc could be formed, which also includes several nations in Central America and the southern cone, is not only possible, but also convenient for the world.

Our continent has advantages of space, natural resources and development that are scarce in Europe, complex in Asia and can take a long time to happen in Africa. Also from the perspective of international equities, one of the weakest points when combating this pandemic with vaccines, a coordination in which the business revises the operational plans it had prior to February 2020.

If inflation does not give way in the world, it is because there is a lack of supplies, which transports them and many sectors are reactivated in the midst of peaks and valleys with a virus that rises against the barrier of representation. Trying to survive is mass vaccination and freebies. It also means that the design of trade routes must be modified to avoid price rise, hoarding and speculation.

If we want to get different results, Einstein said, we must stop doing things the same way. It seems that time has come for the economy and the markets. From a cursory analysis of several indicators we can see that we are in the midst of unrest, but basically what is happening is that the structure of the economy as we know it is not responding to those social changes. Which affect consumption, work in production. and technology development.

Incorporating a sense of social, responsible management of natural resources and general prevention that prepares us to adapt quickly to unforeseen events, whether caused by nature or by itself, are elements that make up any economic plan. Must be in the system what they want to do. economic sector.

Times of certainty may have to be replaced by times of anticipation, with solutions that suit growth, development, social benefits and companies, without leaving out that the world changed when this virus forced us to rethink . Almost everything.