New symptoms of covid-19 can be mistaken for flu

Juarez City.- Mild symptoms similar to a cold, such as a sore throat, nasal congestion, headache and fatigue, are part of most Juarans who are currently infected with Covid-19, for which he cautioned the community not to rely on it.

From December 24 to January 6, 972 people in Ciudad Juárez tested positive for the virus, including Elizabeth Cortez, Alejandro Guerra and Miguel Vargas, according to data from the Chihuahua Health Ministry. And while they didn’t know whether it was the new strain or the effect of the vaccination they received, everyone initially assumed it was just a cold or the flu.

‘I felt the virus inside’

“That’s one hundred percent cold,” said 54-year-old Miguel Vargas, who on the afternoon of Monday, December 27, got out of his vehicle without a jacket and thought it was cold when his throat started to hurt. By Wednesday the 29th she began to feel tired, so she bought a test at a pharmacy, which yielded no results.

Although the pharmacy told him it meant negative, as he continued to feel tired on the 30th, he decided to go to a community center, where he did a test and it came back positive.

“I told the doctor that I thought it was not positive, because the symptoms were very mild, but when he tested me, he told me to be safe for 10 days. In fact, for Saturday (January 1) I was already doing well,” he said, adding that he was first infected with Covid-19 in November 2020.

So, she was not vaccinated yet and the symptoms were very strong, so she thinks it is a new strain this time.

“For the first time I was almost dying; I slept morning, afternoon and night because I felt very tired, symptoms were not like a cold, I felt the virus inside, my eyes were red, my hands cramp, feeling headache Were. I was all down. This time I don’t know if it’s because of the vaccines, but I think it’s a less strong stress than last year,” he recalled.

Vargas believes he was infected during a Christmas Eve meeting, as he assures that his work has tried to save a lot, and there are already six infections among relatives he met at Christmas. Huh.


Five family members of Alejandro Guerra, 30, are still in isolation after testing positive for Covid-19 and four of them have presented symptoms, though all are mild.

“I thought it was a change in the weather, the first symptoms were a headache and a little cough, I thought I was just getting the flu,” said Juarence, who lost his father during the first wave of the pandemic. Law is the cause of the virus, so when seeing that the headache persists, he decided to do a test.

He said the headache “that goes back and forth” was a red light that led him to suspect it might be COVID-19; Apart from this, his wife, Claudia Quezada also suffered a headache a few days back. Her 15- and 17-year-old daughters also had other symptoms like sore throat and cough.

“The doctor told us it’s probably omicron, because obviously nothing else affects the throat and not like the first one, which affects the lungs,” said Guerra, who stressed to the people of Juarez. Said that the important thing is not to trust and continue to protect yourself from the virus, also to isolate yourself in case of symptoms.

first time positive

The story of 48-year-old Elizabeth Cortez is similar, as her first symptoms began two weeks earlier and were an itchy throat at night, followed by congestion. And although he thought it was “a simple flu”, when he went to the doctor because he had an appointment, he asked her to do a test for COVID-19, which came back positive.

“I thought it was going to be negative and it turned out to be positive… because I’m very allergic and I thought it was an allergy. Of course, the fatigue came a few days later, with a dream like when you haven’t in days sleep,” said Elizabeth, who already has two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and this is the first time she has been infected.

His partner has also felt tired, so when they came to know that he was positive, both of them isolated themselves.

“The saddest thing is that we thought: ah, it’s over, I’m already vaccinated, there’s no problem with the mask (mask) … ignorance. And where did it come from, we don’t Know, we don’t know who brought the virus, we don’t know, the truth. But don’t let your guard down, there were two years in which I didn’t lower my guard, I let it down and it happened to me,” Juarence said.

Vaccinations help

“To say it’s a new strain just by having the evidence, but yes, people who are just presenting with covid have some symptoms that are not so severe, or the symptoms are not that strong, they are less aggressive. But if If we speak of the Omicron variant being five times more infectious than the delta, even if it is less aggressive, the number of severe cases will continue to occur”, highlighted Dr. Leticia Chavaria of the Citizens Medical Committee.

He explained that the Omicron variant primarily attacks the upper airway, not the lower airway.

“Obviously, it should also be affected that a large number of people have already been vaccinated, because what the experts are saying is that most people who get infected are people who have not been vaccinated, And those who have been vaccinated do not have vaccinations. The situation is so serious, even if they are older adults, it does not require hospitalization, and requires less intubation”, he indicated.

Chavaria recommended that if they have a runny nose, sore throat or any manifestations in the respiratory tract, they undergo a COVID-19 test. If you have been without a mask for more than 15 minutes with someone who has tested positive, it is important to first be in quarantine and then test on the fifth or sixth day, as you may give a false negative at first .