News of Downing Street’s party scandal is pouring in around the world

It has been a week of bad, and deteriorating headlines for the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson’s apology to the Commons on Wednesday drew a line under reports of repeated parties or incidents in or around Downing Street.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said on Saturday the prime minister was “stuck in deceit” and unfit to serve, facing calls to resign. You can read more on that here.

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The story has featured on the front pages of the British press, but has also made headlines around the world.

A ‘Ruful’ Prime Minister

The New York Times story on Boris Johnson’s apology

The New York Times story on Wednesday The title was given: “Boris Johnson, Under Fire, Apologizes to Pandemic Party.” The introduction to the story read: “Facing a potentially deadly threat to his leadership, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday offered a contrasting apology for attending a Downing Street Garden party while his country is under strict coronavirus lockdown was under.”

He was described in the Commons as “brutal” and claimed that it was not a social phenomenon, but an action event “provoking incredulity among critics and quelling unrest in the ranks of his Conservative Party.” did very little”.

He also ran a piece titled: ,Sorry, World: Famous Apologies by High-Profile Figures Described as “Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s self-deprecating apology for attending a party during a pandemic lockdown, a long line of Mea offenders by the prominent and powerful joins the list.”

‘the party is over’

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The Story of Liberation on Boris Johnson

“The party is over: Nouveau scandal de soiree Downing Street: Pay Boris Johnson, la fte est diet,” which was the headline of a French media outlet Liberation. It translates as “New Scandal on Downing Street Party.” Party over for Boris Johnson. has occurred.”

They say this is something that has “further weakened” the prime minister.

Boris Johnson quits swinging as Britain smokes at Downing Street parties

Ask any Brit to create his most vivid image of Boris Johnson and it is likely that it will now be the prime minister, who was trapped in a zip-wire harness 20 meters above the ground in a crowded London park, which a newspaper reported. was described as “five, terrifying hooligan-throated” minutes, writes Sydney Morning Herald journalist Paola Totara.

“This week, the defining characteristics of Johnson’s election Midas touch exploded and His political future hangs by another weak string, based on the findings of the investigation into the violation of lockdown rules and the previous rumors of the so-called ‘1922 Committee’, the parliamentary kingmakers of the Conservative Party.

you can read that Here.

“Prohibited meetings scandal escalates and shocks Boris Johnson”

It is translated as “The scandal of prohibited meetings escalates and extends to Boris Johnson”.

The Spanish newspaper El Paid had a damning piece in December with an introduction that translates as: “The Emperor’s new clothes have ceased to hide the faults of Boris Johnson. The British prime minister has committed the main sin of politics: this To suggest that the rules do not apply to him or his circle.”

‘New scam’

Polish newspaper headlines the latest apology “Johnson’s new scandal: Downing Street party the night before her husband’s funeral, Elizabeth II” reads the headline.

“The Prime Minister’s Office officially apologized to Buckingham Palace for a dance and wine party on Friday – during state mourning and when it was banned because of the pandemic,” it translates.

‘British premier wants survival’

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O Globo, a Brazilian newspaper, translated as what: “Under Partygate’s pressure, British prime minister wants to remain in office as party assesses political future”.

The introduction reads: “On a razor’s edge, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to survive in office as his party colleagues weigh the pros and cons of keeping him where he is.”

Journalist Vivian Oswald writes: “Until a few months ago, few would have bet on the removal of Boris; today, in the corridors of British politics in London, an imminent resignation is not ruled out.”

“Golden Age of Political Hooligans”

Toronto Star columnist Rick Salutin has an opinion headline: “This is the golden age of political crazy. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have already made satire obsolete.

“There’s a lot to be said for the political value of clowns, slyness, or just sheer stupidity. At the very least, they can deflect criticism and distract from more serious, ominous subjects.

“When I studied in America during the Vietnam years, there was a tense confrontation on campus between the pro-war and anti-war sides. A pro-war professor got up and started talking about the statistical and other benefits of going to war. He was like a parody of academics. Anger erupted into tears, but a German student went on to describe how, when her generation confronted their elders for supporting Hitler, they often did the same. met with demonstrations of sorts; it was hardly a calculated way of diverting questions.

“British PM Boris Johnson is a brilliant practitioner of it. He may be a real dolt, but he’s also a master at dolt mode. He knows what he’s doing when he bowls at a kid playing rugby, or zips.” gets stuck on the line. When cartoonists draw him as a clown they are essentially imitating what he has created of himself. Just look at the haircut – maintaining anger or maintaining malice Tough. And he benefits from the tradition of the lovable British freak.”

You can read that column in full Here.

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