Night out photo inspired 22-year-old Ella to lose 5 stone and become a personal trainer

A recruiting expert who’s lost her 5th weight and qualified as a personal trainer has vowed to have fun by becoming the “fake queen” while rustling delicious low-calorie versions of her favorite food.

Ella Workman, who stands at 5ft 3in, determined to lose weight after seeing photos of herself at 16th 9lb at a girls’ night out to celebrate getting a new job in April 2019 done.

The 22-year-old, who lives in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, with her 24-year-old welder boyfriend Callum Bradbury and her parents, said: “I wore a cute new dress I bought especially for the occasion .

“I had an off-the-shoulder black top and a black midi skirt and all evening, as we took pictures on each other’s phones, I thought I looked good — but you do when you Some are in cocktails.”

When Ella eagerly scrolled her phone through the photos to re-live her big night, her heart sank.

Ella, pictured on the left in April 2020 and right in May 2021, visits the gym six times a week

She said: “I looked at a picture on my phone and thought, ‘Oh my god, what have I done?

At age 19 and wearing sizes 14 to 16 on the top and sizes 18 to 20 on the bottom, she reevaluated her habits.

She said: “I thought, ‘I’m looking in the mirror and I don’t like what I see, so it’s time for some changes.'”

“When I saw that picture I realized I was much bigger than I thought I was. That’s when I said to myself, ‘I need to do something about this.'”

Average size throughout school, Ella’s weight began to increase by age 16, when a weekend job in a store meant she had enough money to buy sweet treats like cookies and donuts.

She said: “I always used to eat a balanced diet at home, but once I had the freedom to buy the dishes I wanted to eat, I started gaining weight.

“My parents didn’t say anything directly to me, because they’re cute and don’t want to hurt my feelings.”

Despite her best intentions, once Ella started looking at diet plans and exercise programs, she felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice and wasn’t sure which one to go with.

She said: “I tried a lot of different things.

“I wanted to lose weight quickly at the time, so I went juicing and went to a slimming group and tried high-intensity exercise videos.

“While I did lose weight, I put it on again as soon as I stopped.”

Nando's 'fake' of Ella
Nando’s ‘fake’ of Ella

In April 2020, with the first lockdown in full flow, she had a breakthrough when she took a new approach to shaping up and started sharing her journey on Instagram.

Instead of weighing herself all the time, Ella — who no longer reveals her exact weight — becomes more concerned about her body fat percentage.

So, by combining a healthy diet with rigorous gym workouts and Thai boxing sessions, she now dresses in sizes 10 above and sizes 10 to 12 below and continues to work on her body tone.

She said: “As of April 2020, I spent a year trying to find something that worked for me, so I was now counting calories, cooking from scratch and posting pictures of the meals I was making .

Picture of Ella on the left in November 2019 and on the right in August 2021 after losing five stones
Picture of Ella on the left in November 2019 and on the right in August 2021 after losing five stones

“People think that if you are dieting then food should be boring and tasteless and you can only eat skinless chicken and rice and vegetables.

“But this is rubbish. I was sharing pictures of yummy dishes like Nando-style ‘fake’ which are not boring at all.

“I also use low-flour, which is a low-carb, high-fiber product, to make low-calorie pizzas and brownies and I make a Southern-style coating for chicken—everything is delicious.”

At the beginning of her diet, Ella reduced her calories.

But the NHS recommends a daily intake of 2,000 calories for women trying to maintain a healthy weight and she soon realized she wasn’t eating enough, because of her rigorous exercise regimen, adding to the calories she says. that she is still losing fat.

She said: “I haven’t set my weight loss goal.

“I don’t believe there is a so-called ‘good’ weight, but I think it’s more about a muscle-to-fat ratio, a healthy lifestyle, and feeling good about yourself.

“I used to be on the scales all the time, but now I don’t bother. Instead, I watch how I look and feel.”

Ella, who had never really exercised before deciding to lose weight, is now so passionate about health and fitness that in late 2021 she qualified as a personal trainer.

Ella lost five marbles by making delicious low-calorie meals, like this Pigs in Blanket Tray Bake.
Ella lost five marbles by making delicious low-calorie meals, like this Pigs in Blanket Tray Bake.

Now she is planning to take more courses to qualify as nutritionist this year also.

She said: “I want to offer online coaching and focus on women and people who want to lose weight.”

Now, despite admitting to being nervous when she first hits the gym, combining her imaginative low-calorie recipes with exercise, she loves her diet and finds it works wonderfully for her. Is.

Completing three strength training gym sessions and three Thai boxing sessions a week, she said: “The best part is I don’t hate it, so I’m not forcing myself to eat a healthy diet and workout.

Ella with her boyfriend Callum Bradbury
Ella with her boyfriend Callum Bradbury

“It took a while to find what works for me — about a year actually — so I would say to anyone else who wants to lose weight that they may need to try a few things before they decide to do something. Enjoy, whatever works for them. And they’ll stick.”

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