no one wants the truth – el financiero

On January 6th, the day that represents Magi Day for our culture and civilization, exactly a year before he brought an inappropriate, unwanted and terrible gift. Christian populations have been clearly dominant in the United States for a long time. I cannot say exactly how many people actually practice their religion and which of them believe in the figure of the Magi. But what is clear is that the gift of an attack on the Capitol—which may represent the beginning or explosion of a civil war that involves the United States—is an image we all want to accept and use to live with. for. However, what happened that day in January no longer marked a point of no return, but shed light on a fact that is fabricating the time in which we live and creating such problems. Who can snatch everything in the end: no one wants the truth.

It’s not like there’s always other data. It’s no longer just that you don’t look up like the famous but very bad movie. It is what we really know, what we are capable of creating in our brains as logic or the brutality of images that symbolize the overthrow and trampling of the greatest symbol of American democracy, was the core of it and someone exploded it. done. But above all, the world was able to witness a terrifying sight. The world that day, largely referred to by structures, precedents and patterns of behavior – in both economic and political systems – saw what was, until recently, the most important legal context of what had been the most successful democratic experience in human history.

Whatever has happened to us from September 11, 2001 till now, has made us insensitive. As I watched the towers fall, I knew what billions could see at the same time that the orgy of violence was going to give a completely different world to, among other things, a loss of sensitivity to violent events. . , Later, and in the blink of an eye, we moved into a world that moved so fast, so immaterial and full of images, that we got used to not being able to separate the reality of our world from what Went. this is. Look into video games. It is as if our world is made up of giant TikTok videos or as if they are images dictated by Instagram filters.

The image of the attack on the United States Capitol means the end of the experiment of democracy’s success in that country. This means that – as was the case in the time of Abraham Lincoln – today they are more eager and closer to fight among themselves and against them, to build places where they left with respect for the laws and what Who has all the importance can broadcast with his respect, which is respect for the truth. If one does not care about the truth, if it does not matter, if it is enough to put into practice Joseph Goebbels’ principle that “repeating a lie over and over again will make it true,” then we are doomed. Huh. And, how will we be able to strike justice and balance if we are able to live in oblivion from the effects of images? But what’s worse is, forgetting that, at the end of the day, this fact happened because a president of the United States—the forty-fifth to be specific—had already warned, months before the election, that There was a huge electoral fraud going on to remove him from the White House. However, Trump was not a declared fraud, it was a wanted fraud and it was a fraud that matched other data. It was a hoax against truth in a world where its importance has virtually disappeared.

Clearly, Joseph Biden’s government has not lived up to the expectations that arose from him. But nothing takes away the fact or the truth that, what happened at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, was the product of a coup launched on the basis of relentlessly repeating a lie long before the event took place. It makes me wonder how our minds today can live without hatred or self-preservation in the face of a world in which, if the first victim is true, then from here you tell me what or how we will rule out coexistence. Of or simply with what values ​​can we continue to build our society.

The United States is not the only place where these events take place, but it is where the consequences of a lie’s victory can be captured in a more spectacular way. And with it comes the failure and the deep division that lives in the hearts of some of the police, the military, and all those who didn’t come in time to escape the vandalism on Capitol Hill that day. Of all those who were without uniform, belonged to the forces of the Order and took part in the attack. Of all those who doubted for a few minutes, seconds or hours what to do, whether to obey the orders of the Commander-in-Chief – responsible for fraud – or to respect the Constitution and avoid the greatest violation US throughout the history of

Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be sworn in on Capitol Hill with a half-timbered dome. From that moment on, the ladder by which we saw the offensive against the American political system based on self-made and loss of common sense has always been the great symbol of the country’s democratic and institutional continuity. There is a more fundamental reflection, which involves the fact that society knows what lies are and represents. If we know that lies are created, then what is the destruction of the system. We know there are liars and criminals despite being president in the past. If we know and know all this, how is it possible that a year after the attack we are participating in a show where there have been many investigations, but very few are guilty? And what is worse is that we are facing a situation in which concentrated circles are given to try to convince that one thing is provoked by data and another thing is contracted by launching public against Capital. criminal responsibility.

I don’t know whether Biden will manage to do so, but if American society and the United States do not take seriously the task of restoring the truth – an example we should all follow – the democratic system as a whole will disappear. Will be Plus, you can’t go along with the political math joke that doing something to Donald Trump for his criminal responsibility that day would mean taking him back to the presidency. Whatever we do, Trump will certainly return to the US presidency. However, the only way that lies don’t return to the presidency and the only way to fix some common sense in this world is for each of us to pay for what we do. And, like it or not, fraud committed months before the election should not be punished. Nor should it violate the physical location where American democracy is practiced every day.

The only advantage I see in this situation is that we have reached the end of a road. And to that end there could be the destruction of the world we knew without much ado – as has happened with other empires and other societies – or we could be with the prospect of recovering the cornerstone of our lives. This part lies in the fact of striving to achieve clear truths that illuminate values, which may differ and sometimes be in conflict, but which are based on truth.

In the end, it’s not enough to just avoid making notes or naming Trump. What is imposed here is the need for responsibilities that each of us has contracted with our behavior. And if it continues like this – like a simple dialectic fight – we will not only leave the bad guys free, but we will also lay the foundations of an authoritarian state that doesn’t have to be history, logic or values. , A situation where it is enough to repeat the loudspeaker over and over again – a lie that turns out to be true.