Not even a year has passed and Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has led the club to the European Cup, FA Cup and League Cup finals.

Coupe de France, Coupe de la Ligue, Champions League, FA Cup, Champions League again and now the League Cup. As far as the knockout specialists are concerned, Thomas Tuchel is on the run of Rocky Marciano.

Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday night confirmed a 3-0 aggregate score and Tuchel’s sixth straight final. Not all have resulted in glory: the first Champions League final with Paris Saint-Germain was lost to Bayern Munich; The FA Cup run ended with a loss to Leicester City. But the third piece of silverware in nine months awaits on February 22 at Stamford Bridge. Whoever stands in his way, Liverpool or Arsenal, Tuchel will undoubtedly be well prepared for his 10th trophy as a senior manager.

Tuchel hasn’t lasted more than a full year as Chelsea manager, but has already taken them to finals in the European Cup, FA Cup and League Cup. Even with the fate of the draw mitigating – their first Premier League opposition in 2020/FA Cup 21 in the last eight was Sheffield United who finished bottom of that season’s Premier League; He didn’t have to leave London in this League Cup run – it speaks to the quality of the German. A tactical skill capable of overcoming one-sided matches against a range of opposition.

It may only be the League Cup, but you only need to look at the final eight winners to know that this is a competition that reflects the depth of the elite. Manchester City won all but two of those years. Manchester United won in 2017, and Chelsea preceded them in 2015 – a breakthrough with the Premier League that season.

That double success was achieved by Jose Mourinho, who used the competition as an aperitif for his first league success in 2005. Opportunity, the Wembley competition, the experience of lifting a trophy to the sky, is all part of creating a normal victory. Pep Guardiola took this spell, taking it seriously enough, to win four in a row.

However, this time around it will be seen in a different way. A loss to West Ham on penalties in October guaranteed the first city-less final in five years. But as they sit on a 10-point lead at the top of the Premier League, the three-way title race has already ended as soon as it started, one imagines it’s a blip they’ve been looking for. have already forgotten. As such, the first showpiece final of 2021/22 could feel like a consolation scrap if Liverpool make it to their semi-finals.

Tuchel won’t care too much about that, certainly not yet. Chelsea and Manchester City both still have 17 league games to go, against each other at the Etihad next Saturday. City have posted 11 victories over Chelsea’s bounce in one of their last five, but the visitors should crack down on this unstoppable light blue machine, even if it only delays the inevitable.

Maybe it’s too cute to think Tuchel could reach this with his cup hat. That being said, it is now or never a fixture at this level in a league season. Certainly, the stakes are just as high for a team that had ambitions for a sixth title, especially considering they topped the table in December.

It’s a slip that will still haunt Tuchel’s mind throughout the summer. With favorable fixtures in the fourth round of the FA Cup (Plymouth Argyll) and the Champions League (Lille), they are still certain of a cup treble. But the 48-year-old has had a shaky relationship with league titles.

Two darts with Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga saw them 10 points (2nd) and 18 points (3rd) behind Bayern Munich. When they broke their duck by winning Ligue 1 in 2018/19 and 2019/20, PSG’s unmatched dominance and excessive arrogance undermined the achievement and undermined their importance.

While Chelsea are no traditional underdogs, they represent both the best chance and most rewarding shot at a title that he and the club will love. And it was instructive that he signed off on Wednesday’s press conference, saying silverware should be part of a broader focus and should not be taken lightly.

Of his time in Paris, he said, “I come from a club where winning trophies was very important, defining myself on trophies.” “It’s good that we are not shy to say: we want to be in the final and win the final. That’s the ambition.

“But I don’t think we can demand or expect to win the title. We should not be arrogant, we should respect every competition. We play for an aspiring club and it is a gift. The mindset of the club is given to the players. Attitude accelerates and it’s nothing you can invent, it’s a long process.”

It felt like a call to attention, one he undoubtedly repeats behind the scenes and that will fill supporters with even more encouragement. There are still plenty of ways to travel for Chelsea to re-establish their dominance in English football, but it will be lined with gold.