Novak Djokovic back in hotel house arrest ahead of visa appeal hearing


Owak Djokovic is under house arrest at the Park Hotel ahead of his appeal against the revocation of his visa in the Federal Court of Australia on Sunday morning.

After meeting with his lawyers for several hours, Djokovic was taken to the same immigration hotel where he spent four nights last week in what he hopes will be the final night.

The world number one legal team is preparing for his case after Immigration Minister Alex Hawke decided Friday to revoke Djokovic’s visa for the second time on grounds of “health and good order”.

A brief procedural hearing took place on Saturday morning, where Justice David O’Callaghan confirmed that the case had been transferred from the Federal Circuit Court and the main hearing would take place on Sunday at 9.30 a.m. (10.30 p.m. Saturday UK time).

Djokovic is set to play his fellow Serbian Miomir Kekmanovic in their first round match of the Australian Open on Monday.

A timetable was agreed on Friday, with Djokovic being detained at 8 a.m. Saturday to hold a meeting with immigration officials before a meeting with his lawyers, also in custody.

The world number one is appealing against the decision on the grounds that it was affected by both jurisdictional error and irrationality, but the threshold of success is much higher than at the first hearing.

On Friday it emerged that Hawke based not on the legality or otherwise of Djokovic’s medical exemption, but on the potential for his continued presence in the country to pose a threat to public order, anti-vaccination sentiments.

Hawke cited Djokovic’s status as a “high-profile unaffiliated person who has publicly indicated that he is opposed to vaccination against COVID-19” and that he “publicly expressed anti-vaccination sentiment”. Of”.

Hawke said he believes not revoking visas could encourage Australians not to get the vaccine, adding to the pressure on healthcare.