Novak Djokovic: What’s next?


Owak Djokovic is one of the best tennis players the world has ever produced, but he now faces a potentially career-defining weekend on a court where he is not a natural master.

The 34-year-old broke the world number one record 21. Looking to compete at next week’s Australian Openscheduled tribe Grand Slam victory, putting Cherie on an illustrious career and being declared the undisputed ‘greatest of all time’.

But the Melbourne tournament has been built up by Djokovic not being vaccinated against Covid-19, his alleged anti-vax views, unprecedented spells in immigration bans and a titanic battle with Australia’s top politicians.

On Saturday, Djokovic will make his side stay in Australia to play in the Grand Slam event, hopefully to avoid relegation that will cast a long shadow on his stellar tennis career.

What’s happened so far?

There was speculation that Djokovic might struggle to compete at the 2022 Australian Open, thanks to the country’s stricter COVID-19 rules and the player’s publicly announced opposition to a virus vaccine.

On 5 January, he flew to Melbourne in the belief that the exemption from Tennis Australia had cleared his way into the country.

Djokovic says he has a valid medical reason for not having a vaccine, that he tested positive for Covid-19 in mid-December, giving him a natural level of immunity, and that he complied with Australia’s visa travel rules .


But after landing at the airport, he was taken for questioning by Border Force agents, before being dramatically taken into immigration custody as his visa was revoked.

However, the next turning point came through Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, who on Friday exercised his power to snatch Djokovic’s visa once again, citing fears that the player’s presence in the country could “depress anti-vaxxers”. excited”.

What will happen next?