Nuevo Leone loses high paying jobs – Tech Viral Tips

Despite the fact that during the previous year Nuevo León recorded a net balance of 86,370 more jobs than the jobs reported at the end of 2020, the entity lost 23,986 jobs that earned six or more minimum wages.

Figures from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) show that last year the entity created 110 thousand 356 jobs, minus the lost jobs, resulting in a net creation of the above jobs.

Of the total jobs created, 75.18 percent i.e. 82 thousand 971 get two minimum wages, while 25 thousand 884 or 23.46 percent, three minimum wages.

With regard to lost jobs, 37.18 percent, 8,917, received six minimum wages; 21.19 percent, five thousand 82, earned 16 or more minimum wages; two thousand 405 or 10 per cent, eight minimum wages; and 8.78 percent or two thousand 105 jobs, nine minimum wages.

In short, during 2020 Nuevo León created jobs with uncertain salaries, but lost positions with higher salaries.

Jesus Rubio, a researcher at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, pointed out that “wage uncertainty is a trend that has existed at the national level, for many years there has been uncertainty, in which a large majority, two-thirds, of workers have two or less minimum wages.” earn”.

He said that during economic crisis, the most expensive jobs for contractors are lost and when the economy starts to recover, low-paying jobs start being created.

“Job-seekers are more willing to accept these wages in an environment where there is unemployment, because when this happens many people offer their work and some demand it, which leads to a drop in wages. , which is an expected behavior in economic crises”, he indicated.

Kendra said that unfortunately the companies are still facing the unfavorable outlook which avoid providing the best conditions for their employees.

“While we at Kendra appreciate the improvement in employment in the unit, we would like to see these with higher incomes than before the pandemic, which would show a more tangible recovery of the economy and greater generation of added value,” he said. he said.

The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) reports that insured workers within the positions considered in the IMSS registry may find employment indefinitely, or their employment relationship may be temporary.

“Historically, permanent workers made up about 86 per cent of the total employment registered with IMSS. Since the middle of last year, their share has increased, while the number of casual workers has declined slightly. Temporary employment increased from 14% of total employment in December 2020 to 13% at the end of 2021.

“The change in the structure of formal employment registered in the IMSS occurs in the context of the implementation of outsourcing reform, which suggests that the migration of workers previously outsourced to new employers has, in most cases, occurred under better contractual terms of employment. The terms of duration and stability of the relationship. This may also be one reason why the seasonal decline in the number of registrations at the end of 2021 was relatively less severe, IMCO explained.

“What would be expected is that wages rise again as the economy recovers and more demand for labor begins to appear, but this process may take several months and even years, depending on the economy’s rate of recovery.” And demand for work,” Rubio said.

For its part, Kendra said that “we will continue to foster an innovation and productivity agenda that allows companies to grow in a more competitive and efficient environment, creating more and better paying jobs.”