Off Color All Stars’ cup run ends as Demons advance to final

Saturday was heartbroken for the EJ Sligo All-Stars as they lost in the President’s Cup semi-final to the UCC Demons in Cork, ending their hopes of making the final. Damon’s Tala Fam Thiam was the top scorer with 31 points.

A blistering start for the Monsters, who finished 9 points without an answer, gave the All Stars an uphill battle from the off.

The Demons added pressure from the defensive end with some clever plays from Jack O’Leary, who opened the basket and foul for Toby Chistenson. Despite Sligo’s struggle to find his shooting touch, he made some beautiful baskets for Jack Powell.

Senior Ireland captain Kyle Hosford provided some on-court leadership, backing his side during the second quarter.

Jack O’Leary continued to impress on the defensive end, collecting a rebound, leaving him alone on the open court until Jack Powell made a huge recovery to leap into the air and bring Sligo supporters to their feet. Did.

The EJ Sligo All-Stars began to settle in the game as baskets from Jack Powell and Oisin O’Reilly reduced the deficit to 6 points in the middle of the second quarter. Tala fam Thiam began to establish himself with some giant baskets for the UCC Demons, fighting with Keith Jordan Jr. of the EJ Sligo All-Star over the rim. Kyle Hosford continued to impress and display his vision and play as an extra pass to Tal Fam Thiam, resulting in a well-deserved layoff. The home crowd sensed their presence as if they were trying to give the demons any advantage they could.

The EJ Sligo All-Stars struggled to find their shooting touch and finish the half, UCC Demons 38 EJ Sligo All-Stars 24.

Third water quarter with an opening score from Oisin O’Reilly and a steal from Keith Jordan Jr.’s game. Oisin O’Reilly continued to use his spin and scored open shots for his EJ Sligo All-Stars teammate as Jamie Hayes executed a fine reverse layup.

Tala Fam Thiam stood outside as he picked up the rebound and pushed the ball towards the cork. The UCC Demon supporter’s call for defense was intended to increase defensive pressure and contribute to the electric environment at Parochial. David Lehane contributed to his team’s lead as he hit a faded mid-range jumper, followed by an athletic finish from Tala Fam Thiam, to get the crowd back to their feet.

Keith Jordan Jr. crashed the board early in the quarter, earning two free throws for Sligo. UCC Demons guard Jack O’Leary has left the game after suffering an ankle injury that could put him at risk for the local rivalry which is the U20 National Cup vs.

Toby Christensen picked up his fourth individual foul in the final quarter with more than six minutes to spare, putting extra pressure on the home team. Keith Jordan Jr. did his best to motivate his team with two athletic interceptions on the defensive end.

However, Tala Fam Thiam continued to extend his lead to eleven points through the EJ Sligo All-Stars.

David Lehane’s effort and hustle were welcomed by head coach Danny O’Mahony as David went past the boundary to guarantee possession for his team. Lehane continued his effort to grab the rebound and cut aggressively into the basket, allowing fouls to propel his side to win.

Zack Powell’s free throw reduced the deficit to 4 minutes in a thrilling semi-final. A block from Kyle Hosford caused a lock fam Thiam to lay down and put the crowd on their feet.

EJ Sligo’s Sean Lally made a huge three Jack Powell’s two free throws, hoping to swing the momentum back in Sligo’s direction

Sligo continued to shoot and they failed to take the lead in the last ninety seconds. Kyle Hosford saw his chance and entered the lane with a floater and the lead was again extended thanks to Tala Fam Thiam.

Hosford and Lehane stepped up, sinking the free throw to seal the victory for the Monsters.

Reference: Darragh Burn (Wicklow)

The UCC Demons will face the Drogheda Wolves in the President’s Cup Final at the National Basketball Arena, Talghat.

top scorer

UCC Demons – Tala Fam Thiam (31), Kyle Hosford (15), Toby Christensen (12)

EJ Sligo All-Stars – Jack Powell (15), Keith Jordan Jr (13), Jamie Hayes and Oisin O’Reilly (9)

UCC Demons: Jack O’Leary (0), Steven Manzolovic (2), Seamus Carney (0), Ryan Murphy (0), Kyle Hosford (15), Toby Christensen (12), David Lehane (9), Tala Fam Thiam (31), Matthew McCarthy (2), Carlton Cuffe (0), Sean Looney (0), Conor Ryan (0), Blake Murphy (0), Kevin Moynihan (0).

EJ Sligo All-Stars: Oisin O’Reilly (9), Ryan Young (0), Jack Powell (15), Phillip Hamilton (0), Matty McHale (0), Keith Jordan Jr. (13), Sean Lally (8) . ), Ioghan Donaghy (3), Josh Henry (0), Sean Snee (0), Aidan O’Shea (0), Jamie Hayes (9), Matthew Donelan (0), Conor Byrne (0).

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