Officials attentive to ‘Micron’ progress in La Laguna

Coahuila lives with three positive cases of micron, although there may be more, as it is the type of concern that currently dominates, along with the fact that the delta is also circulating, a highly infectious strain that has the potential to cause serious illness. High potential is the form of the disease.

The state’s health secretary, Roberto Bernal Gomez, assured yesterday that he has great communication with his counterpart in Durango, Sergio González Romero, and says most actions are taken together. While it is noteworthy that in La Laguna, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the pandemic has not been addressed from a metropolitan point of view, as both state governments have set their own restrictions in terms of mobility, operation of establishments and school reactivation. measures have been issued. , for example.

“There is a lot of communication between Durango’s health secretary and I, and we take most of the action together,” he said.

– And who will they take now when Micron comes? He was asked.

Well, taking tests, vaccinations, is the most important thing. What are the most important weapons at the moment? Get most people vaccinated, get kids vaccinated, get a third booster, and take preventative measures, get tons of samples.

The Health Secretary said that the agency under his charge does not have the capacity to take so many samples, so the participation of civil society, companies and factories is necessary. “They have to have tests to take them, we recommend them, but I think we’re going to end up like that.”

Yesterday, Bernal Gómez stressed that he is looking for a way to do genomic sequencing to quickly identify this type of concern. This arose because Coahuila argues that the Institute for Epidemiological Diagnostics and Reference (InDRE) is “too hard” to rely on, because of the 100 SARS-CoV-2 virus samples that are sent to Mexico City for genomic sequencing , they are processed only between 25. and 30.

The official remarked that this required a huge investment, but he did not know how much. “I think micron dominates right now, and it shows from the clinical picture that it is not so severe, it is a flu syndrome, sometimes strong but not significant. There are hospitalizations, But it is a small percentage,” he declared. ,

It is important to mention that three cases of micron were detected in Torén, in addition to the fact that in the first days of January this year, Coahuila accumulated 4,920 new infections of COVID-19. As of yesterday, the institution had reports of 5,532 active cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, of which one thousand 552 are from Saltillo and 778 from Toren.

‘There was a discount’

Coahuila Governor Miguel Riquelme acknowledged on Monday that protocols for the prevention of infection with COVID-19 had been relaxed in recent weeks on behalf of citizens, but also from the authorities themselves; However, he pointed out that the situation in hospitals has been brought under control and that necessary “analysis” actions have been ordered to give specific instructions on the subject of hygiene regulation.

It was at the conclusion of the weekly meeting of the La Laguna Health Subcommittee, which was held yesterday afternoon at the Torren Convention Center, that the state president noted the recent increase in COVID infections in the unit and in the country, he pointed out. That this is about a “worrisome” situation, but which does not lead to a major emergency at this time, as this value is (at the moment) not proportionally related to hospitalizations or unfortunate deaths.

“A week ago, as the numbers fell, both the authorities and civil society were exempt that later, when the edition came out, we saw the result, but each time it increased, it is not new to us, that is, always when the indicators We have always taken for granted the extraordinary activities or those that were not happening, cultural, sports, educational, recreational and well, when the increase starts for various reasons, then we do consistent study and fellowship. In work”.

In relation to the above, Riquelme Solis specified that all factors are analyzed in all cases to avoid “hidden judgments”, as capacity constraints, limitations in shows, events and commercial activities are generally economic in the entity. affect the reactivation process.