One less “cork”?

With the president almost as the only reference point, the country’s agenda is set automatically each morning.

The concentration of power has caused everything to revolve around the president, with political actors taking him as their pivot. There is no sign that things are going to change, what a difference this may make in the fall in the exercise of power and the inevitable political times to come.

The president is going to drag the league as far as possible. It is likely that upgrading the theme of “bottle caps” is part of it. If López Obrador is anything to go by, there should be complete control of the succession, as it has been speculated, at least for now, that Murray will retain the presidency.

However, there are political forces within the party that no matter how much the president wants to control, there is no way to do so. In view of the mentioned “cork”, only the capital’s head of government seems to have the profile that warrants the extension of Tabasco’s mandate, the terms in which it is doing and wants to continue.

The innumerable allusions to “mentioned” are not accidental, despite the fact that when the president talks about the issue he makes a sort of list of people who can take his place. For a long time they have been together in politics, Tabasco and heads of government, what unites them are ideas and the One Country Project.

The candidacy of Claudia Sheinbaum has been in the making for a long time and this should be well known to other members of the “Cork” group.

This should become increasingly apparent to Ricardo Monreal in particular. Situations have arisen that leave the impression that a chasm has been dug between Tabasco and Zacatecán and since the President is the one who heavily directs the traffic, the issue becomes very difficult for the legislator.

As much as Monreal tries to keep the debate in the realm of ideas and at the same time reiterates his loyalty to López Obrador, it is unclear where spirits can be rested; We are at a time when the belief remains that fate has been cast for Zacatecans.

What is important in these events is the basis of political debate. Monreal represents a lower voice within Morena, his expression of “radicalism” important because it requires that the different voices in the party prevail and coexist.

The president’s immediate response yesterday morning did not ignore Monreal’s statement, a clear message that the way things are being handled while Tabasco is a tenant of the National Palace.

Monreal’s reaction also passed through the network yesterday through characters very close to the president, who picked up a detailed account of López Obrador’s work, putting the senator in question.

The MLA can enter the land in which he is isolated and with him there is a political current in Morena, which is necessary in the circumstances in which we are. The spirit of dialogue, coexistence and reconciliation, which Zacatecán has somehow manifested, can be diluted within the party, which is heavily dominated by the president and his fiery hosts, without forgetting that Morena has been given the image of Tabasco. and was created in likeness.

We are left with the idea that Monreal is deeply questioning the government and its project, putting forward the spirits of reconciliation and proposals to coexist with integration.

Looks like they want to remove this “bottle cap” from the play.


The President is again infected with Kovid. Yesterday morning he said he believed it was a “little gripita”, but we’ve already seen that it wasn’t. Lopez Obrador will have to take care of himself, even if he has 3 vaccines, it is time to rethink greater care in the event of a pandemic; We wish him a speedy recovery.