Online portal for antigen test results to go live from Friday

The healthcare executive’s online portal for the public to upload their positive antigen tests will go live on Friday but may fall victim to “play-acting”, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has said.

Speaking outside the RDS vaccination center on Thursday morning, Mr Donnelly said he was told by HSE that he expects the portal to be used responsibly, when asked questions about possible false positives that were being uploaded for recovery certificates or work reasons.

“I think like most things in this pandemic, we are relying on people doing the right thing. I think from what we’ve seen over and over again over the past two years, people have consistently done the right thing. Is it open to acting a little bit? this is. ,

The HSE on Thursday said that anyone who wants to obtain a digital recovery certificate will have to obtain a PCR test or a professionally administered antigen test.

Damian McCallion, HSE’s lead on the vaccine program, said there are “very limited measures or safeguards that you can put in place in any case in a self-testing scenario like that.”

However, he said the rules were clear that a recovery certificate would require PCR or a professionally administered antigen test.