Order and Honor … Torreón. It doesn’t cost them anything to get vaccinated in

Perhaps the wait was a little over an hour, but the behavior of people, servers and stakeholders made a difference and showed that being friendly, respectful and obedient to rules costs nothing and instead drives a society to be better. Is.

Penoles Community Center (CCP), One of the places to apply a booster dose is for those 50 years of age and older.Against this terrible evil that affects the whole world and is now also an example of order and respect.

Sometime before nine o’clock in the morning of last Tuesday, A long line of vehicles parked on a section of Laguna Boulevard, next to CCP in the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood. Hundreds of people lined up around the block of places, converted into headquarters, to get a booster dose against COVID-19.

Many people’s logical thinking, based on lived experiences, was in the sense that they would have to be patient and tolerant of autocratic behavior, which some servers believe, when given some faculty of authority, that the wait will be long and they will have to face “bullies” who come late and join, pretending to be the first.

At eight o’clock in time, the line started moving forward and laborers appeared, who later became famous, They are from the Penoles company who decided to participate as volunteers in this important vaccination day, Servers were constantly passing by to ask people who had been trained, if they had any questions about the process, mainly about the documents, to proceed to support them.

“Good morning, thank you for coming with us, we inform you that you must bring documentation of the first two doses applied, a copy of your INE credential and proof of the vaccination booster, if you do not bring it, do not bring Worry, here we support you”, he said, reciting himself with a small sound device that he had carried.

Before reaching the access gate the line moved forward and metre, A server appeared to review the papers and stamp the copy of the voter’s credentials, informing that with this sign, they will allow entry without difficulty, without losing the pleasant treat.

Upon entering, he stopped the line only to apply antibacterial gel and take a temperature, and immediately set people up in chairs to instruct people to fill out reinforcement vouchers.

Rick Astley, Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, Freddie Mercury, but also Marco Antonio Solis “El Bucky” welcomed newcomers with music from the 70s and 80s, making the moment more enjoyable.

They stayed in that module for 10 minutes, after that time, They will be moved to another location where they will eventually receive the vaccine., Strategically located heaters reduce freezing. A young woman walking among people was asked if she was a 4T worker and clarified that she was not: “We are employees of Peñoles, who have agreed to volunteer on this day”He replied.

A doctor who said he was part of Penoles came to the scene and explained that the vaccine does not cause any discomfort, But if they are, they only need Paracetamol 500. should take, highlighting the importance of using face masks and meeting 100 hygiene rules against the pandemic. “At the end of the application, do not get up unless instructed to do so,” he suggested.

in sequence, from the very beginning, A group of young people appeared and in ten minutes they vaccinated about a hundred people, who sat for about five minutes and then, respecting the line, began to leave, but not before accepting the attention provided by the servers with loud applause.

The departure of this group was in charge of “Toto”, its interpretation of Africa, with disco music of the 70s and 80s, although before leaving he gave us peanuts, whole oats, pieces of dark chocolate and almonds, an energy with a golden Gave the bandage apple and 500ml water bottle.

On Tuesday morning of January 11, Vicente Guerrero wrote in the neighborhood CCP, that La Laguna and its people can do things in order and with respect, organization and a strong link that must exist between private initiative and government authority, because on that day, absentees were treated with bad manners and arrogance, factors that should have disappeared in our area.