Oribe Peralta announces his retirement from soccer; ‘They deserve gold!’, he tells his followers – Tech Viral Tips

oribe peralta, one of the last figures in Mexican football, decided to hang up his boots after nearly 20 years as a professional player, where he won several trophies, the most outstanding of them, the gold medal with the gold medal. Mexican team In London 2012 Olympics,

through your official account Twitter, Peralta released the sad news, which from now on will take him away from the playing field, which has given him a lot of pride and lessons with the team from beginning to end. Shivaz,

“19 years of wearing a professional coat, plus a lifetime of dedication and devotion. It’s my way of saying goodbye and, above all, thanking you, my hobby, and everyone who made this dream possible. They deserve to sleep are!” read the statement.

Undoubtedly one of the most controversial, beloved and recognized athletes of recent times, it was made clear that he was grateful to his audience, as he always encouraged them in every moment they needed.

peralta morones, He was born toren coahuila, celebrates his 38th birthday with a news that is not so pleasant for him and little for his fans, because by making this decision, he leaves us a significant gap on the green carpet.


It is not easy to find a diamond like ‘Brush’ Peralta in football, as his debut was not at all pleasant, because at the time, before making his best stage debut as a professional, he thought of leaving the sport that was What he liked most, was already that things weren’t going his way.

Only 13 years old, went looking for opportunities in his neighborhood with Oribe’s team vagos, where after some time and thanks to his qualities on the green carpet, already in high school, the doors opened with the club match To play against other municipalities.

sessifoot ,Soccer Synergy Center) welcomed him, but with little time inside the complex he broke his tibia and fibula, a case that kept him away from the courts for almost a year. Then he had the opportunity of technical director Oscar Ruggeri, who took him Guadalajara He had no luck, though, to prove himself.

King, morelia, for 2003, gave him the opportunity to defend his color and make his debut as a professional player. MX League, nothing more than that and nothing less against him America, a year later, Lion signed it until 2004, when monterrey He paid attention to her and did not make feline painting a significant proposition.

It seems that fate wanted him to play with the ‘holy flock’, yes or yes, as it was in 2005 that the people of Guadalajara negotiated with his participation striped To be part of the squad that will bet on the international championship Libertadores Cup,

A year later, his first stage as an element of Saints The writing began, as it was with Laguneros when his level of football threatened to become one of the next idols of the Aztec era.

As of 2009, already extinct chiapas jaguars They offered him to join their ranks, a fundamental part of the team, which was one of the so-called surprises in the local championship at the time, as it fought for the top positions in the common table.

Second leg with Santos

Another no less important occasion came Keep, because the spoiled club of the time needed a scorer who would give him the opportunity to excel, a position he achieved by leaving the bank matias vuso, which was one of the favorites of the lagoon public at the time.

Their tenacity and professionalism gave them unquestionable ownership over time and led to the highest winning team in the capital MX League, America, you will notice him and start one of his best steps as a professional.

In this process…