Other children of Juarez

From an early hour on the main cruise ships of our city, it can be seen how children who are sometimes not more than six years old rush to the moment when the traffic lights indicate a red light to take their position. in front of cars that have stopped their march to perform juggling or acrobatic spectacle similar to a circus act. They take advantage of the few minutes that red light grants to capture viewers who, in addition to being difficult, seem blind to what is happening around them. At the end of their tasks they approach motorists and if they manage to get the attention of any of them, they sometimes receive a few coins or a smile as they turn their heads from left to right for a clear signal. I spin that they have to keep working hard. These are the other children of Juarez.

It is always said that childhood is the future of our country, but what happens when that childhood is forgotten?

Although the answer to the question seems obvious, governments seem to have forgotten the importance of caring for and protecting children. In recent months, it has become possible to trace how the number of babies risking their lives to get financial support for themselves and their families has increased in various streets of our city. It is clear that the current situation on a global scale has changed the lives of millions, creating the need for entire families to find the means necessary to survive, however, it is possible to question the following:

Why did the authority remove the children and not ensure their safety?

Let’s get into context. In recent years, Ciudad Juárez has been a participant in a series of important social and political changes, on the one hand, it has been a recipient for hundreds of people fleeing the uncertainty of their native places and with the dream of achieving life Huh. Rather he has decided to try his luck trying to cross into the United States. This was evidenced by so-called migrant caravans that have reached the border towns and, in most cases, not achieving their objective, have found a temporary refuge in Juárez to continue their journey. On the other hand, the pandemic triggered by Covid-19 posed a new challenge not only for the city, but for the world, restricting spaces and suspending face-to-face activities, such as mass events, and even Even in face-to-face education, millions of families were forced to modify their activities or even suspend them to try to adapt to the “new normal”. had to do so, making their fates, mainly those of children and youth, most vulnerable.

With these considerations in mind, it is clear to establish that government programs to combat the problems already faced by the lack of employment and educational opportunities (without neglecting those already existing), have reached a critical point. in which, moreover, incapacitated, they are limited because they seek to provide a “solution” to a problem without considering the impact arising around them, causing problems such as minors, who suffer the consequences, They are not addressed.

To date, the government has not established a firm position in any of its fields, not even proposed any policy or program on citizenship studies, safety for children and youth using cruises off the streets. And tries to provide opportunities. ships. As an opportunity to move forward. Unfortunately, due to a lack of public policies, children will continue to wait for a red light to begin their work.