our daily covid

Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell is so distracted by his prominence and pride, his careless communication turning science into something subjective and uncertain.

His boss, Dr. George Alcosar, does little to help with home remedies, simplifying the issue of the pandemic, I think, to instill hope; so as not to provoke fear; But global evidence and six million deaths on the planet cloud this official sermon.

Government numbers one and two for the worst health conditions in the most recent century cause propaganda, add to the ideological and partisan polarization that we are suffering from, invade the region known to have its own and healthy philia and Must be kept free from phobias. Election ground.

López-Gatell’s precarious action leads many to believe that Mexico is the only nation that reforms, that learns, that it does not know – that it does not know – how to cope with a resilient and brutal pandemic.

the lack of courageous honesty to communicate, to recognize that unregistered infections cause more deaths than we do, acknowledging that there is no evidence for reasons of lack of money or epidemiological technology; Then there will be less doubt and more confidence.

Mexico has run a fair, a good vaccination campaign if we believe that the vaccines were not manufactured here, nor were their development and patents passed through the non-neoliberal (not compliant) science of Conacit; We know little or nothing about the arrangement with AstraZeneca for the assembly of Argentine assets, a number of unforeseen events that are simply kept silent.

With inaccuracies about everything and records, printed and improvised certificates, people shrug their shoulders and brigades vaccinate millions, it’s getting better and better, fewer and fewer officers “look good” Says thank you to AMLO or their dung or municipal president or all organic gifts.

He is vaccinated as much as he can. And it has become quite possible. No, we are not a world example, but we accept our reality and our shortcomings; nothing bad. The desire to embellish the good with rhetoric, so that people perceive it as superior, is an idea embedded in the DNA of our politicians, unfortunately, because of their good income in elections.

Mexico faces fourth wave after hard lessons, Spain, France, Great Britain and Europe navigate the sixth wave in general, six times more and have rolled them despite having previously had vaccinations; Despite owning the science that made some vaccines possible. Forced imprisonment and sanctions supported by administrative sanctions as incentives.

In Asia, the Philippines tripled the number of infections in just two days, where they conduct millions of tests and they already speak of 13 million infected. Unaffiliated people are threatened by the Manila government that they will be arrested if they walk through the door of their house.

In the United States, private companies, local governments, commerce, and services are in charge of making life impossible without vaccinations, where people don’t lay their shoulders as we do.

They ignore deaths and tend to the hoaxes and radio chronicles of Orson Welles’ native Cold War, believe in intramuscular transplants and inject millions of doses into pharmacies and community centers, orphaned body vaccines. Their problem is another and President Biden screams for good sense to attack him.

Infections rise rapidly here, with the World Health Organization (WHO) confirming that there has been a 71 percent increase in cases globally in a week and it is the US that has reported the highest incidence.

The health ministry went from reporting 5,000 infections 10 days ago to 25,000 two. In CDMX, 10,000 tests are conducted in a day, it is close to reaching 25,000. Compared to less exams, less statistics, our favorite game of anti-covid jar.

We are going to combat the fourth wave with verified information, common sense, vaccination, civic co-responsibility, labor empathy, government effort, collective generosity, honest communication and a well-founded critique of context.

These discreet distortions and the trivialization of López-Gatell’s narcissism and the drugstore allusions to Secretary Alcosar don’t tarnish the company’s name. More restrictions and less imprisonment are health and economic survival that circumstances impose on us.