Parents criticized for delay in immunization of high-risk children

Parents of children at high risk of COVID-19 fear that their children are not being given priority for vaccination.

Many parents have taken to social media to say that they had registered their child on the HSE vaccination portal more than a week ago, but were yet to get the appointment.

The portal officially opened on 28 December for high-risk children in the age group of 5-11. However, some parents registered their children on 27th when they came to know that the portal was open a day before the advertisement.

Colleen Quinn and Cormac Russell of Clonskeigh in Dublin registered their 27-year-old son on December 11th.

He has a congenital heart defect and has had two open heart surgeries.

“On the portal, there was no way to tell what was his medical condition. Basically anyone can register,” Ms. Quinn said.

He hoped that his son would get a dose before he returned to school, but he is still waiting for an appointment.

“Two days ago, I called HSE Line, they said they would now flag her as having an underlying position that makes her high risk,” said Ms. Quinn.

He called HSE again on Wednesday, who asked him to wait for seven more days and by then he should hear something.