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It is no secret to anyone that President López Obrador yearns, above all, for a privileged place in national history. The energy that guides his daily behavior, his decision-making system, his vision of Mexico that is in his head, is more attached to the paraffin of national history – thus, with capital letters – displayed in the facts daily. Compared to reality, in figures, in irrefutable events.

There are many of these incidents that demand from you the errors of your policies, the mistakes of your decisions and even more, the wrong strategies made by your government.

Take as an example the immediate, oscillating and faltering fight against the pandemic. Chaplin Gatell’s sayings and events about tests, exams, vaccines, masks and so much nonsense that has tragically claimed human lives in thousands of civilians and their families. They remain in themselves, telling their half-truths and their absolute lies. Death figures are minimized, infections and hospitalizations hidden, it is assumed with a cynical smile “we are doing well against COVID”. Please tell me how we are doing well against covid.

Social programs, the vertical axis of Q4 policy to support citizens and tackle poverty, have demonstrated after three years of implementation what all experts have predicted: these mechanisms do not reduce, reduce or neutralize poverty , it is only a palliative; And second, the hypothesis about a reduction in violence due to greater social welfare turned out to be completely false.

Violence and public insecurity have multiplied and spread across the national territory. To the traditional institutions with serious problems of organized crime and violence (Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Michoacan, Veracruz, Guerrero), we must now add Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Puebla, Morelos, the State of Mexico and more. Took Booth, the diverse criminal organizations that now form alternative “divisions” devoted not to drugs or huachicol, but to politics and public administration. Hugs, not pills, were the detonators of the narco-state that Mexico was coming to. Last week two governors (Veracruz – Cuitlahuac García and Morelos – Cuatemoque Blanco, both from Morena) were photographed in recent meetings with leaders of criminal groups.

This is a fact, not an assumption, although the President denies it and says he is his opponent.

This makes the balance of the promised shares more than negative.

Beginning in the fourth year of government, the side door that history may have opened for them is no longer a red carpet mainstay, living only in their radical electric reform that violates constitutional principles.

Fulfilling that passion refers to the nationalist ideology that beats in the president’s heart. To give back to the “people” what was originally their own, and which neoliberalism was taken from them, is in synthesis, the central idea that makes an absurd, contradictory, transgressive, retarded and regressive reform of history, world and generation. . Why energy?

But AMLO is obsessed with handing over that legislative file to Mexico which – in his eyes – opens the doors to history for him.

At this point in January, when serious experts and legislators – at least – are preparing for an open parliament, and for a free and universal discussion on the subject, more than one parliamentary historian knows full well that it would be useless. . It is only a camouflage to hide the openness and open discussion when, deep down, all Morenoites and their allies already know how they are going to vote on retrograde reform.

Why is Parliament defining its position? possibly, A political signal to the opposition and the sugar mills who hold discussion tables internally.

There will be no more altars, niches or busts in national history for Andrés Manuel: he did not pacify the country, he did not end corruption, he did not reduce poverty, he did not promote development. About public health, education, federalism or democracy, we don’t even speak because the blow is heavy.

The only thing that remains is the above improvement that in the eyes of the leader, represents the springboard, which is no longer a hemicycle like Lol, but even a statue like Cardenas.

All political energy, speech and rhetoric for false repeal of mandates, and active participation in future state elections, will revolve around the crusade for power reform. We have months left in this discussion.