Pawnshops, among the winners of the pandemic – Tech Viral Tips

in the last two years global pandemic Of coronavirus That boosted the income of companies pledging unemployment, suspension of non-essential activities, business bankruptcies, deaths and unexpected funeral and medical expenses.

Between 2020 and 2021, mortgage shops Which became the most popular resource for Mexicans to get instant cash.

“This last year of 2011 has a singular feature, the months of December pledge operations decreased, but this year there was no reduction in commitment, it remained at level from August and even in the north of the country.” We grew”, said Joel Rodriguez, general director of Mexican Association of Security Services Companies (Emspre),

Two years after the pandemic, the operation of mortgage shops are only 15 percent below levels Epidemic, with an estimate of 50 million operations According to Emspray data, throughout 2021.

“Yes, there was a reduction of at least 15 percent in pledge actions, because there were no seasonal seasons in the total number, there was a reduction in pledge actions, the last specific year we had in 2019,” the president said. Emspray K.

In 2019, before the pandemic, pawn shops were done 61.1 million operations an amount of 63 billion pesos, with daily average 125 thousand loans disbursed in 3 thousand 500 branches across the country.

He reported that eight out of 10 people who mortgaged their clothes demanded to have them taken back, a standard that has been in place for 10 years in the region.

“Despite the fact that it may be thought that the pandemic has had an impact on garment recovery rates, there has been little improvement in behavior compared to what is commonly observed; That way, at least eight out of ten people get their stuff back”, agreed director Luis Enrique Padilla Pledge Operation of the National Monte de Piedad,

For businessmen goes to Monte de Piedad

Monte de Piedad told that in Mexico 66 percent went for their loan micro entrepreneur,

Luis Enrique replied, “Contrary to what one might think, Monte’s efforts are used to pay off debts, purchase raw materials, pay payroll or settle commitments, as this type of business has done in the past.” because 66 percent of the loans are for micro-entrepreneurs”, replied Luis Enrique. Padilla.

The Director of Pledge Operations of the Nacional Monte de Piedad explained that, in seasons such as January cost Performed an average of 950 thousand operations, however, the number of operations remained high in July and August, due to requests for loans to purchase computer equipment, smartphones and other types of gadgets that are needed to cope with school and online. Work.

He said as the economic recovery progressed, the peaks of operations stabilized, but with the Omicron version the outlook is now uncertain.

Presto Cash, January slopes starting December

January costing for Presto Cash now starts in December. “It’s fair to say that customs have changed, pledges did not increase in 2020 as people believe and we had a modest 11 percent increase at the end of last quarter,” said Jacob Moret, spokesman for Presto Cash.

He shared that peak season had come to represent 25 percent of annual operations, but the outlook for 2022 is still uncertain as the economic recovery may slow down again due to the appearance of the Omicron variant.

“All these dates have changed with the pandemic, we are still not sure if the spikes will happen again, the seasonal dates that correspond to the start of the year were in February, we are finding a very slight reactivation,” Moretz said. said .

In 2021, 431 complaints accumulated before pawn shops Federal Office of Consumer Protection (Profeco), 22 percent less than 2020 and 53.3 percent less than 2019.