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In times of such high inflation, the mobile application that exchanges money for consumer purchases tickets, Gelt, plans to increase its active user base with offering money or cashback to its customers in Mexico. Self-service, just to see what they buy.

The digital platform seeks consumers who take the time to take a picture of their purchase receipt and upload it to the company’s app, to deposit cashback, which they can then withdraw at ATMs or specific stores like Walmart, If they are unbanked users.

“In the application you will find products that offer cashback for your purchases and when you go to the supermarket and purchase and register a purchase receipt in the application, we will give you money in your wallet so that you can pay a minimum of 500 pesos can access the amount. Can withdraw it and create whatever they want with the money, they are not forced to use it in any particular store or commodity,” he explained. Danielle Getzel, Gelt General Manager in Mexico.

He added that the consumer does not necessarily have to have a bank account, because if he does not have an account, he can withdraw money at a Walmart store box.

Gelt currently has 3 million active users in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and arrived in Mexico last September to accumulate an estimated 200,000 users.

“In Mexico, we started the massive phase in September and we have seen impressive growth with over 50,000 new users per month,” Getzel said.

He explained that business for both him and the brand comes from the information that is stored in purchase tickets.

“Our system processes tickets, understands all the text and we generate statistics and market studies in real time, so the benefit to our customers is the data we can offer in addition to product displacement,” said the manager. said.

Getzel explained that personal data is highly protected, and the only things they compare to brands and customers are zip codes, family members, and if there are pets. In Mexico it already operates in main supermarket chains across the country such as Walmart, Oxoxo, Superma. While on the brand side, it works with Nestle, Coca-Cola, Henkel, Heineken and Campofrio.

La Cervecería de Barrio begins to pay off investors’ debt

About 1,400 investors were able to obtain a ‘disciple’ with that calmness to La Cerveseria di Barrio, which runs gustavo romero, he already sat down with them to talk about how to proceed on payments for his yield, which he stopped paying in 2020, just after the Covid health emergency began, which has dented expansion plans and the company’s sales. terminated.

You will recall that in December last year we told you in the pages of Tech Viral Tips that, since the start of the pandemic, La Cervecería de Barrio, which he founded Joan Carles Segura, has stopped giving investment returns to its capitalists, which it won in 2019 by raising 40 million pesos through crowdfunding.

Well, after periodic strikes and even the first steps through the legal process, finally a settlement was reached and this week they say that La Cerveseria di Barrio has already paid a portion and it is a matter of days. The thing is when PlayBusiness has started scattering the rest. Resources among investors…

“The results of these working sessions and the agreements are concluded in celebration of a legal document so that the Cervecería de Barrio can regularize the payment of the appropriate amount at the three exhibitions no later than February 28, 2022. The payment has already been made for the first exhibition ” , investors informed Play Business.