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To find out how to treat hair for a wedding, hair experts share their tricks for taking care of it at home. Target? Getting brides with loose hair to show off the hair of their dreams on the wedding day.

1. Start its treatment 6 months before marriage

“Ideally, about six months before we start studying what we’re going to do and if necessary treat the ends or color. If we have the time we can repair the hair with treatments , are very effective, and it doesn’t require cutting to chase. That’s how we make sure we arrive at the wedding with beautiful and healthy hair”, advises Raquel Saez. “Two weeks in advance, it would be a good idea to go to the cut or ends depending on the condition of the hair, as well as a treatment so that the hair looks even shinier, healthier and more nourished,” the expert says.

2. Establish a Care Routine

The Million Dollar Question: Can You Get Perfect Hair By Treating Your Hair At Home? “Everything depends on the previous condition of the hair and the care habits we apply. If the hair is healthy, then yes. Using shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for our hair type, without silicones or sulfates, and One mask a week, we can look amazing on our wedding day.

“It all depends on our hair type and whether it’s healthy and cared for,” says hairdresser and image consultant Gonzalo Zarouza. “Plus, I would avoid heat tools and, if you use them, always protect the hair,” insists the professional.

3. Use shampoos and products with ingredients appropriate for your hair type

Home remedies can be very effective as long as they contain the right ingredients for each hair type.

“For those prone to hair fall, we should use very nourishing washing products based on coconut or argan oil. As a supplement, I recommend salon treatments to fix frizz, which provide minerals and vitamins to nourish hair from within”, advises Rafael Bueno. “Oily hair takes its own nature. Needs friendly products; they should clean, but not attack so that the sebaceous glands don’t start producing more oil. “Special shampoos and conditioners are formulated in advance so that this doesn’t happen and Ingredients like henna or nettle control the oiliness in the hair.”

If the hair has split, Rafael Bueno recommends cutting, as it is very difficult to repair broken hair fibers. However, as a preventative measure, “we can use serums or creams that hydrate and seal,” he explains. Finally, if the problem is a lack of quantity, the expert recommends suitable deductions to balance. “In addition, there are volumizing products, shampoos and conditioners as well as salon treatments that swell the fiber and give it more thickness, depending on the ingredients adhering to the hair.”

5. Control time and take care if you have dyed hair

Another skepticism that strikes brides with regards to hair care is how early it is advisable to touch up hair colour. “If we’re only going to touch up a month to two weeks early. However, if we’re going to change the color in a very different way from the current color, I recommend doing it a month or a half before that. That margin Enables us to improvise with tone”, explains the professional.

“Yes, dyed hair requires more care,” says Raquel Ruiz.

“Dyed hair is always more sensitive, especially in lighter shades, because the cuticle has to be opened for it to heal, something that doesn’t happen with darker colors,” she adds.

6. Take a good serum or spray to get the hair effect on the wedding day

“For loose hair to look really good, hair needs to be well cared for, with lots of shine. To achieve this, in addition to using the right products, a revitalizing treatment can help it look better. And, as a final touch to that big day, a shine spray will make hair look even more luxurious”, says Gonzalo Zarouza.