PM’s ‘full confidence’ to aide who sent emails for Downing Street party

Boris Johnson did not see, nor was it sent to, an email inviting him to a party in Downing Street Garden.

Advisers give a briefing to reporters after Boris Johnson admitted to joining the party on May 20, 2020.

He said the senior aide who had emailed employees at Downing Street Gardens to “bring a bottle” remains in position and has full confidence of the prime minister. He said Mr Johnson had not been sent and had not seen the email.

Mr Johnson spoke in the Commons at lunchtime on 12 January and apologized for the event. You can read all the latest here.

He said: “I want to apologize. I know lakhs of people have made extraordinary sacrifices in this country in the last 18 months.

“I know the pain they have gone through – unable to grieve their relatives, unable to live their lives, or unable to do what they love.

“I know how angry they feel with me and with the government I lead when they think the rules are not being followed properly by the rule makers in Downing Street itself.

“And although I cannot predict the conclusion of the present investigation, I have learned enough to know that there were things that we did not feel right and that I should take responsibility.

“No. 10 is a large department with a garden as an extension of the office which has been in constant use due to the role of fresh air in containing the virus.

“When I went to that garden after six o’clock on 20th May 2020 to thank the groups of employees before going back to my office to continue working 25 minutes later, I was convinced that it was a work incident. Was.

He said, “I should have sent everyone back inside from behind. I should have found some other way to thank him.”

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Journalists were told that Martin Reynolds, the prime minister’s principal private secretary, who sent the leaked email this week, remains in his position, and has full confidence in the prime minister.

The email read: “Hello, after an incredibly busy period we thought it would be the best weather ever and have some socially distancing drinks at No.10’s garden this evening. Please join us from 6pm onwards And bring your own wine!”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson with his Principal Private Secretary Martin Reynolds in November 2020

The PM’s spokesperson was asked why he has now talked about the party and his presence after not answering questions for several days.

“You can see that the PM wanted to accept, as he said, the anger of the people and the power to feel it.”

His advisor said he had neither been sent nor had he seen the email, which was circulated before the event.

The question whether he knew about the incident in advance or had visited the garden by chance, remained unanswered.

When asked whether the PM’s wife was there, no response came and his adviser said investigation was on. Asked whether the prime minister had taken or had consumed alcohol, it also did not respond as specific details would be answered only through an independent review.

‘He will bring all the facts in the house’ [after the investigation has concluded], ,

His team was stressed as to why all the facts were not being released to the public, only some details but no response was coming.

Asked whether he had lied about the party, his adviser said the question was attempting to pre-empt the review’s findings. He denied that he was a “liar”.

No date was given for publishing the report.

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