Positivity towards Kovid increased 4 times in a fortnight

The positivity for COVID-19 in Mexico City increased four-fold in the past fortnight as the week of December 19, 2021 saw an average of over seven per cent, taking it to over 30 per cent of positive cases this week. The December Celebrations and Arrival of Omicron Edition.

According to the daily report released by the local health ministry, two weeks ago, between December 19 and 25, the positivity was around seven per cent; However, it rose to 8.8 on December 24, while it rose to 13 per cent on December 25.

According to the report related to December 29, it rose to 19.6 per cent positive the following week.

For the current week, positivity has dropped to no less than 20 per cent: The year began on January 1, with 25 per cent, and recorded the highest figure on 3, with 32.2 per cent of 10,000 386 tests conducted by officials. With a positive result that day.

There are signs that Mexico City’s economy is making a full recovery and we are on the right track, on the right track

Fadlala Akabani, Mr. of economic development

Hospitalizations have also been rising over the past two weeks, as 304 occupied beds were reported on December 19, rising to 499 reported on January 6, meaning a rebound of 64 per cent.

The figure was the highest recorded in at least two months on November 25, when 470 people were hospitalised.

The number of hospital stays increased by more than three percent in these two weeks, from 5.1 on 19 December last year to 8.3 this January. In the last few days, 188 more patients were admitted in city hospitals alone as compared to 311 hospitalizations on December 31.

economic reactivation

In the context of rising cases of COVID-19 and after ruling out a new shutdown of activities, Mexico City is already close to recovering from pre-pandemic levels, Fadla Akabani, the Secretary of Economic Development, assured yesterday.

In a press conference this Thursday to present details of the state of the city’s public markets, the official recalled that although there have been some delegates who have requested a shutdown of activities, the case was also the case of Benito Juárez, the mayor of Santiago Taboda. . , who closed ranks with the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, for not doing so, for which he assured that work on economic reactivation plans would continue.

“We are very, very close to recovering to pre-pandemic levels and as Concanaco has already said, it has already pointed out: not only Mexico City, but the country, recovering to pre-pandemic levels. is,” he explained.

The official assured that, with the sale till this Thursday, there is certainty that there will be same volume of transactions and same nominal scope – i.e. same volume in movement in the market – that was between December 2019. and January 2020.

Aqabani Henide highlighted that there are “very clear variables” that the city is “on the right track”; Take, for example, indicators of the recovery of formal and informal jobs and the opening of new businesses, which stood at 16,750 last year.

“Those are signs that Mexico City’s economy is making a full recovery and we are on the right track,” he insisted.

  • Data: Average cumulative positivity since the start of the pandemic is 18.6 percent; It was 29.4 per cent on the last reported day on January 4.