President denies need for hospitalization due to re-infection

After announcing that he had tested positive for Covid last Monday, President Andres Manuel López Obrador reported via a video broadcast at a conference, presenting a burning throat, hoarseness and mild body pain. does, but clarified that it would not require hospitalization.

With an electronic thermometer and oximeter in hand, the president confirmed that his temperature was 36.1 degrees, while his oxygenation was 96, to which he insisted that “this message is to inform how I feel.” , but also to express my experience, now that I am infected again, with the original intention that we should not be afraid”.

“What do I have? Sore throat, it’s like the flu with a sore throat, a little bit of body aches at first, I’m taking paracetamol and I feel pretty good, so I guess luckily we Hospitalization will not be required,” the President said.

The federal chief executive stressed that “the most important thing is not to beat ourselves up, here we have to move forward and we have the will to live, to carry out the transformation of the maker, the science and moreover, Mexico’s embrace”.

For his part, his wife, writer Beatriz Gutierrez Müller, told via her social network that he and his son, Jesus Ernesto, have also isolated themselves, although they do not present symptoms of the disease.

The president’s wife wrote on her Instagram account, “As a precaution, Jesus and I have isolated ourselves (we have no contagion or symptoms at this time) and we are sure this virus will leave home soon.” “

Gutierrez Müller assured that the president is in good spirits and that this Tuesday he woke up better, “with the same force that has always characterized him,” for which reason he wished him a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, the Health Secretary, Jorge Alcosar Varela, conceded that because López Obrador presents a milder picture of COVID-19, he could return to his normal activities on January 17.

The official said that although he is not the President’s doctor, the Health Ministry is ready for any emergency.

“We will be in direct communication with them for a long time, well, if there are any questions, concerns, then go ahead,” he said.

Alcosar Varela reiterated that Omicron infections last up to a week in mild cases, compared to other types of the virus in which patients recover in two weeks.

“We are prepared for any contingency, we can and should be prepared for the whole population, there is no difference, so in this case there is nothing else to see the patient who is developing very well ,” They said.

At the time, the Under-Secretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, indicated that the Omicron variant was less likely to reach the lungs, so that infected people would have symptoms similar to those of a normal flu.

“The micron has a predominance of the upper respiratory tract, including segments of the main bronchi, which is why the proportion of damage to the lungs is low. So “by micron the clinical picture is similar to that of the common cold”, he explained.

The official gave as an example the case of President López Obrador, who has mild symptoms.

“Yesterday when I got a call from the president, I saw he had an upper respiratory tract procedure, his case shows what’s going on with Micron,” he said.

López-Gatell explained that the last week has seen an increase in infections, with hospitalizations to do separately, as vaccinations have helped.

  • Data: On Monday, various politicians spoke about the infection of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador by COVID-19 and wished him a speedy recovery.

The cabinet itself does not consider disassembling; “no symptoms”

The Interior Secretary, Adan Augusto López, assured that none of the officials in the cabinet of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented symptoms of COVID-19 in the last hours.

“Of course, an aide on the work team who has any symptoms would certainly take preventive measures,” said the man in charge of the country’s internal policy, presiding over his first morning to replace the federal president.

The official said that in security meetings held before President López Obrador became aware of the infection, distance and ventilation were preserved, as the windows of the rooms of the National Palace were open.

Aidan Augusto Lopez recalled that, last Sunday and Monday, he himself had meetings with the federal executive, but assured that he kept his distance and was wearing a mask.

“I don’t have any symptoms, I believe in all my activities I keep a healthy distance, preventive measures, but I don’t rule out the possibility of doing it (Covid testing),” he said. Answered after being asked. ,