President Michael D Higgins pays tribute to Ashling Murphy

President Michael D. Higgins has paid tribute to Ashling Murphy, the 23-year-old teacher who was murdered on Wednesday evening while going out for a run at Offaly in Tullamore.

The president said he spoke to Ashling’s family on Friday morning and expressed his deepest condolences over the loss of a loved one.

“This morning I spoke to Ashling’s family on behalf of the people of Ireland as President, and on behalf of Sabina and me as parents, to express my deepest sympathies and feelings of sadness and loss, who What her tragic death means to so many people, but especially what it must mean to her mother Kathleen, father Raymond, sister Amy and brother Kathleen.”

President Higgins said the public’s condolences on Ashling’s death has affected the entire nation.

Ashling was a young and talented teacher, the president said, and lived a life of “generous commitment to her local community and her creativity.”

“As a young, talented and enthusiastic teacher she had already made such a positive impression on her young students and colleagues at school.

“Hearing him talk about it is such a testament to the joy of sharing, whether in teaching, music or sport, that he expressed it in a way that would have made everyone very happy.”

President Higgins said that now is the time to reflect on how we can eliminate violence against women from our society.

“May I suggest to all of our people to reflect on all our actions and attitudes – and indeed those we know we are leaving without any challenge – and that we do everything possible to ensure The society we live in is one where all our citizens are free to participate fully, live their lives in an environment free from risks for their own safety,” he said.

epidemic of attacks

Earlier, Taniste Leo Varadkar said there is a culture in Irish society that has created an epidemic of attacks on women and there is a need to shed light on gender-based violence.

Responding to questions about the overnight revelation that the man who killed 23-year-old Ashling Murphy is still on the run, Mr Varadkar said everyone in the country was shocked by what happened in Tullamore.

“I know the people in Tullamore will be very concerned at this point because the killer is still on the run. And I want to reassure people that all of Gardai’s resources are going to make sure this person is found and brought to justice. brought in and people can feel safe again.