Pressure mounts on PM amid new claims of Downing Street parties mourning Queen


The night before the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, two more Downing Street parties were held while two more Downing Street parties were held, amid fresh allegations that pressure is mounting on Boris Johnson.

The event was held in April last year while the country was in a period of national mourning, it was reported. The Prime Minister is said to have been away from Downing Street at that time.

The Queen attended the funeral of her husband of 74 years, Philip, who wore a face mask and socially distanced himself from his family at Windsor Castle in line with COVID restrictions.

Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said: “The Queen sitting alone, mourning the loss of her husband, was the defining image of the lockdown. Not because she is the Queen, but because she is just another person.” She, like many, was mourning alone.

With a heavy heart I have written a letter to Sir Graham Brady indicating that I have no confidence in the Prime Minister and calling for the election of the leadership.

“When he mourned, No. 10 fell apart. Johnson must go.”

Her comments were echoed by Labor deputy leader Angela Rainer, who wrote on Twitter: “The Queen sat alone in mourning, as did many at the time, with personal trauma and sacrifice to follow the rules in the national interest .

“I have no words for culture and behavior at No. 10 and anything stops at PM.”

Fran Hall of Justice for Covid-19 Bereaved Families said: “If your neighbors behaved like this, you would be disgusted. Doing it for the people running the country and then lying about it shows a complete disdain for the general public.

“We shared the same pain of grief in separation as the Queen. And she will be just as sick as we see hearing this. Sadly, instead of doing the good work and resigning, all we can hope for is That the Prime Minister will shamefully continue to lie to our faces.

“The Conservative MPs who keep him in power are an insult to their country.”

The news came as Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridghan was the latest to announce publicly that he had submitted a letter of no confidence in the prime minister on Thursday night.

He was the fifth MP to say that he had written a letter to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 committee, calling for a vote on the PM’s future as head of the party.

Mr Bridghan told BBC Newsnight: “With a heavy heart, I have written a letter to Sir Graham Brady indicating that I have no faith in the Prime Minister and have called for a leadership election.”