Property Guru Andy Foote Launches New Property Investment Business for the Midlands

Targeting both investors and landlords, a new property investment business is launching in the Midlands.

Joseph Mews Property Group is being founded by Andy Foote, former Sales Director of SevenCapital, with three new UK residential developments secured to offer buyers.

Andy, who for the past eight years led the global distribution team at the UK’s leading property group through sales of over £900 million, will launch Joseph Mews Property Group In January 2022, secure to offer buyers with three brand new UK residential developments.

It will sit within their existing group of companies which also includes Alexander Daniels, The Brain Tumor Charity, BMS Ltd and Nab & Ho Properties.

With a focus on helping clients build wealth through assets, the business will also provide industry-leading market research, in-depth investment consulting and the excellent, 360-degree customer service that Andy has successfully led teams on over the years Is.

While there will still be a working relationship with SevenCapital, the move will expand into new markets, providing customers with what they need, ensuring the same level of care, while providing exciting new opportunities for both existing customers and new audiences around the world. will provide opportunities.

And, partnering exclusively with four new developers, Joseph Muse Property Group will soon launch three brand new developments in some of the most exciting investment locations in the country.

More than 20 years ago, Andy Foote bought an investment property in Spain and it was then that he realized the importance of customer service.

While Andy was happy with the property’s capital growth during the construction period, being overseas he needed local support to finance the property and prepare it for the rental market.

Unfortunately, it was simply not available.

He didn’t have time to own or give away the property and realized that many other investors were in the same position.

From there, I built my own property investment company with a difference, a complete property distribution channel that offered something unique to investors – customer service.

BMS Limited opened its doors in 2003 and began helping customers find their perfect investment by offering ‘360-degree’ customer service.

In 2013, after ten years in business, Andy partnered with Bal Sohal, the president of SevenCapitals – and SevenInvest was born.

Working with the wider SevenCapital Group as well as developers Colmore Tang, SevenCapital offered a complete end-to-end service to investors, acquiring land and building developments that were then delivered by SevenInvest.

Andy believes it’s time to start down a new path and write a new chapter with Joseph Mews Property Group, with a new name and a new office in the Jewelery Quarter.

Andy previously had success delivering 104 apartments in Bicester through a partnership with Oxford and Cherwell District Council – within the ground-breaking Graven Hill Village development, all apartments sold out within just four months.

In Andy’s property portfolio, he has three commercial buildings and two holiday homes, all of which are named after his son Joseph.

In 2007, Joseph sadly lost his life to a brain tumor – he was just nine years old.

The Joseph Foote Trust was founded in his name to try to change the outcome for other families and children diagnosed with the condition.

Since then, the charity has grown to The Brain Tumor Charity and the largest charity of its kind in the world, funding millions of pounds of research over the past two decades and increasing the survival rate from 15% to 77%.

Around the world, Andy’s various properties also bear Joseph’s name as a way of perpetuating his legacy. In Spain, you’ll find Casa José. You’ll find Joseph’s Lodge in the Cotswolds. You’ll find Joseph House in the heart of Birmingham city.

So, when Andy invested in the beautiful Georgian ‘meuse’ building on St. Paul’s Square in the Jewelery Quarter, there was only one direction he wanted to name.

Andy said: “Me and the team are incredibly excited to take on this new challenge, which will allow us to expand our reach to new audiences and partners around the world while providing outstanding customer care and exceptional investment opportunities .

“Our focus will be on providing quality developers as well as quality development, working closely with competent and reliable partners to bring the most exciting projects to our investors.”

On January 4, Joseph Mews Property Group officially launched with two new developments.

Want to know more about their upcoming launch? You can reach Joseph Mews at or visit,