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The image was very powerful. At the Ibero-American University, the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Arturo Zaldivar, participated in a law forum when, in a question-and-answer session, Alonso Castillo Cuevas, son of Alejandra Cuevas, whose mother, Laura Moran, was a concubine, Fernando Gertz. During Manero’s fifties, he asked her to pronounce on the legal “torture” of prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero, who had accused her grandmother and Alejandra of murder by lapse in caring for her brother. When Alonso’s younger sister Ana Paula, driven by desperation, accused him of blocking justice to attract the case, and knelt before her to help him, Zaldivar listened without speaking.

The “torture” he was referring to is an arrest warrant against 95-year-old Laura and her 68-year-old daughter Alejandra, who have been imprisoned in Santa Martha Accatitla since October 19, 2020. The case was dismissed by the authorities at first, and when Gertz Manero, invested Alejandro as attorney general, reactivated it, a collegiate court was preparing to deal a fresh blow to him. To avoid this, Gertz Manero asked the Supreme Court to draw up this paradigmatic case of justice, which shows how the public prosecutor has used all the political resources and treasury at his disposal for personal purposes.

Jaldiwar said he could not comment as the matter had attracted most ministers and was under debate. The file they will review includes charges of extortion, intimidation and blackmail against the family, which they dropped in hopes that prosecutors would stop the harassment. This was not the case, as documented in a timeline created by Alejandra’s youngest son, Gonzalo, who had attended most of the meetings with Gertz Manero’s emissaries, and Ana Paula’s telephone conversations were filled with intimidation. .

The story begins on 4 August 2015, when Laura found Federico with a fall injury. Laura spoke to the prosecutor today, who went to see her immediately, but only to let her know that they had an appointment and that he had to take her. Despite the objections, he was Alexander. Federico returned at about three o’clock in the afternoon, and he had hallucinations. Laura took him to the hospital, but after a month with no improvement, she returned him home, where he adapted a bed and the equipment in the hospital to treat him.

When she saw no improvement, on 24 August Laura spoke to Alejandro and asked him how her brother was doing, and decided together what to do. Alejandro sent doctors from the University of America in Mexico City to his estate, who took control. On the 29th, Gertz Manero, with the university’s legal representative and currently his right hand, Juan Ramos, told him that he was going to accuse him of murder by omission. He takes Federico and warns Laura that if she goes to the hospital where she admits him, she will arrest him. His grandson explains that Federico was yelling at Laura to stop her from being taken. Four weeks later, she learned from third parties that her 50-year-old partner had died.

The family knew nothing more until September 22, 2020, when Alejandra spoke to her son, Gonzalo, who immediately went to see her. Crying, he tells her that because of his friendship with Fernando Diaz, the lawyer who took the Emparos case, Alfredo del Mazo, married to his niece and partner of the governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, had resigned. Threatening him and his family. Jimenez O’Farrill suggests finding lawyers and speaking to Diaz.

This happened the next day, when Díaz told Alejandra and Gonzalo that del Mazo had spoken with Gertz Manero about the family issue, and wanted them to give him several “symbolic objects” of Federico, such as Georgetown. Université pennant, a ring. Families and pre-Hispanic figures. If handed to them, he conceded, it could be the “end of the nightmare.” They did, but nothing changed.

On October 12, Diaz sees Alejandra and her daughter, Ana Paula, whom he meets with Gertz Manero’s demand to give them the Vyres house, which Federico leaves for Laura with household items. In addition, money from the joint accounts of Laura and Federico, when a conflict with Alejandro began in 2015, was turned into a check payable to Alejandra by her former sister-in-law to protect her. He also demanded Laura’s resignation for a pension of 50 thousand pesos which Federico left him. “Is my mother in danger?” Anna Paula asked. “Don’t worry,” Diaz replied. But on the 16th, when she left her home with Gonzalo, agents in a car without a license plate took her into custody without an arrest warrant and took her to Santa Martha Acacitla.

Several calls followed between Diaz and Ana Paula, where he bullied, intimidated, and gave her new prosecutor’s terms. She said it was better that they accede to her demands as she and her siblings could be charged with organized crime. Gertz Manero now wanted a cashier’s check in his name and Laura’s resignation from everything Federico had inherited. They gave him 3.5 million pesos, which he obtained through a personal loan, with a letter of resignation on 13 November.

Simultaneously, he had already given everything to the prosecutor, who snatched Laura, but Gertz Manero was unfazed. He did not proceed against Grandma as it is against Del Mazo’s wife, but he was cruel to Alejandra, who will remain in prison until the Supreme Court decides that, as Alonso confirmed, it There was a legal “tyranny” that he has to rectify.