Prosecutor’s Office Makes Sure Not to Get Into the ‘Game of Arras’

chihuahua.– The financial company published a statement on its social network to dissociate itself from the asset after the Central Zone prosecutor, Carlos Mario Jiménez Holguín, assured that the agency under his charge would not engage in a “game of auras”. . Of the houses built in lots 56, 57, 58 and 59 of Block One in the Pedregal de Alba subdivision.

However, so far the state agency has not made concrete progress against Aras Business Group.

Meanwhile, criminal cases against the financial company keep piling up at the prosecutor’s office: as of yesterday there were 2,890 for fraud against the company promoting the investment.

In the Central Zone Prosecutor’s Office alone, 2,667 complaints have been received.

Similarly, the State Attorney General, Roberto Fierro Duarte, insisted that the Company continues to confiscate 73 assets insured; He said that he would not make any statement with regard to the statements issued by the firm regarding the seizure of various properties.

On January 1, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) secured an assurance of four lots in the name of Flor Edith Salazar Rojas, the wife of the previous CEO, where a thousand square meter mansion was built, valued at 30 million pesos. De Aras, Armando Gutierrez Rosas.

Following the ban, the investment promotion company issued a statement without a signature, explaining that these last four assets are not currently owned by it, as they were transferred to third parties as of the “payment date”. .

According to the Public Property Registry, on April 12, 2021, six days after Gutierrez Rojas sold all of his shares in the company, Flor Edith Salazar registered such land as acquired through an ordinary sale contract, which he had acquired for 14 years. Bought for million pesos. Real estate company Tomas Wallace Weaver.

In addition to four lands, the prosecutor’s office has 69 other properties belonging to Arras, of which 53 have been seized since November 26 and 16 since December 3.

There are 2,890 complaints

Carlos Mario Jiménez Holguín denies that the complaints filed against Aras Business Group affected the work of the Ministry of Public Affairs (MP), as employees were unable to pay immediate attention not only to those affected by the firm, but to all matters. have been successful. which are received in various research units.

As of yesterday, there were 2,890 complaints of fraud against the investment promotion company, and 2,667 complaints with the Central Zone Prosecutor’s Office alone. 100 have been received in North Zone, 100 in West and 19 in South Zone. Jiménez Holguín highlighted the work of all the agents in the Public Ministry, who have been in charge of receiving complaints and giving them follow-up, since they also managed to reduce delays in December, the month when complaints increased. Started.

Due to this situation, between 10 and 12 December, more than 130 agents of the Ministry of Public Affairs were available, who were assigned to various units to expedite the receipt of complaints.

Presently, the official said, the number of daily complaints has come down, but work is on to address matters that are already in the hands of the MP and those that come later.

He also said that those affected by the sign have expressed positively about the work of the prosecutor’s office in the various meetings he had with him.

On the other hand, he said that all the investigating units are continuing their normal work and the Aras case has not stopped the work of prosecuting all other crimes taking place in the central region of the state.