Quarantined by Omicron? Watch the premiere on these platforms!

Mexico City.- Like a ‘deja vu’, some are respite from the ravages of the first wave of the pandemic in 2022, but this time infected with microns. This forces them to spend the next days in quarantine, as the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Incident Manager for Covid-19, Dr. According to Sylvain Aldighieri, this variant can infect three times more than Delta.

Apart from a sore throat, head and body aches, as well as sneezing and runny nose, infected people will have to deal with boredom by staying at home. However, premiere movies on streaming platforms are always a good option to take out time.

Acclaimed premieres on various platforms

On January 11, 2022, the Ministry of Health (SALUD) confirmed more than 171 thousand active cases of covid-19 in Mexico in the past two weeks, marking the approach of a fourth wave of infection by this virus.

One way to avoid infection is to follow well-known hygiene measures: wash your hands, keep your distance, don’t go to crowded places, and best of all, stay at home. So, here is a list of premiere movies to watch from the comfort of home on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max:

Netflix: Lovers of suspense films and independent cinema will be on the edge of their armchairs and forget the fear of catching Covid-19, Micron, with the movie “El Ascino del Nudo”. The story is about a young man who begins to suspect a relative of his, who may be responsible for the death of minors.

Disney+The Marvel film, “Eternal”, featuring Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, among others, in addition to the surprise appearance of a singer who identifies a close relative of Thanos, is available on stage today.

On the other hand, for those who are not that much of a fan of superheroes and prefer movies with musical or historical themes, there are “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Jojo Rabbit” available, which will release on January 14 this year.

amazon prime video: Couples who have been infected with Kovid-19 and have to quarantine together… or moreover, they should watch this month’s premiere film After. Strayed people”. This romantic production will teach them that relationships work better without secrets.

And, for the little ones, on the 14th of this month, “Hotel Transylvania: Transformmania” will arrive on Amazon Prime Video, the fourth installment of the animated saga, but this time it will feature a completely different take on vampire Drake and his friends. bodies.

HBOMAX: A few days ago, the film “King Richard” premiered on stage, starring Will Smith as a tennis coach who marked the careers of two great athletes. This is a tape worth watching in quarantine as a family.

Also available the documentary “Harry Potter: Homecoming” and the DC series “Peacemaker” will be released on January 14.

When was Omicron’s first case?

On December 3, 2021, the first case of micron, a new variant of Kovid-19, was reported in Mexico. About three weeks later, Hugo López Gatel, the Under-Secretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, announced that a total of 23 infected people had been detected in the capital, Mexico State, and Tamaulipas.

However, the government of Mexico City recommended that people who present symptoms of respiratory illnesses seek shelter.

Today the cases are increasing. It is therefore advisable to remain in quarantine after coming into contact with suspected cases or the presence of symptoms of Covid-19, micron and enjoy the streaming platform’s premiere movies.