Ramirez de la O. hand of

they see us that the hand of Rogelio Ramirez de la O Among the major movements carried out by the Ministry of Finance, it is becoming increasingly infamous. Testament to this is the fact that international financial markets welcomed Pemex’s debt restructuring operation, which was reported yesterday. The agency’s strategy – which includes $3,200 million in debt reduction and $10,500 million in financial pressure – is the view that the resources invested by the federal government will reduce the financial costs of the public sector and do not imply any risk. Will give its finances… So, with such decisions, the process done between the Treasury and the oil company can be evaluated as very positive.

It’s not a political issue, it’s a scientific issue

With few words, but with much force, he tells us, Mexico City’s head of government responded yesterday—particularly to legislators—who called him to cancel tours and events because of a rebound in COVID-19 infections. asked for. “It is not a political issue, it is a scientific issue. This is my answer”, he referred yesterday Claudia Sheinbaum, By the way, there are two important news in the matter of dealing with the epidemic in the capital. First, there was a 150 percent increase in the number of applications for free trials, as the figure went from seven thousand to 23 thousand in seven days, and this number will continue to grow. The second is that it was agreed with employers not to require COVID testing from workers and recommend isolating those with symptoms.

Mexico is not going to Managua

still yesterday afternoon it was planned that Martin Borrego Llorente, SRE’s general director of Latin America, attended the inauguration of the President Daniel Ortega, who will begin his fourth term after his re-election in an electoral process, raised questions as the regime itself detained all who could have been opposition candidates. Argentina, with which Mexico has joined forces in relevant foreign policy actions, previously withdrew its presence at the event in Managua. So, in a decision that was justified, last night the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported a change of plans: no official would go to Managua. A possible aid from Mexico would represent a double error: first, because it would validate a regime labeled dictatorship and second, because it would remove signs of disrespect for us from that government.

Tough Against the Thin, Non-Conformists

Among some Morenistas dissatisfied with the appointment of candidates for one of the six governorships at stake this year, saying that their national leader gave them yesterday didn’t go down too well, mario delgado, to return to the expression he made when he was a candidate for the current President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, “Anyone who wants a position to go to the market,” Delgado said in response to claims from non-conforming applicants. Close observers of the processes of these questions give us the view that these are relevant figures with distinct political weight that Murray should not do without, especially because, he believes, some of the grievance arguments he holds, not all of them are avoidable. .

Epidemic management without partisan bias

And speaking of pandemic management, more state governments have decided to postpone the return of classes in response to the rise in COVID-19 infections. These are the states of Aguascalientes, Durango, Nayarit and Zacatecas. The first two are ruled by the Pan and the third and fourth are governed by the Morena. All followed in the footsteps of Sinaloa, where Murray rules, who made the decision early last week. Nayarit, Aguascalientes and Sinaloa are among the group of entities that decided to postpone the return. Chihuahua, Coahuila, Tamaulipas and Baja California Sur were due to return today, but decided to postpone it. The Omicron version and its implications are compelling decision making, and as seen, the partisan complexion of governments is not one of the criteria to consider.

double leader

They tell us that in the next few days, Salvador Aguilar Aguilar, the Secretary General of the Workers’ Union of the Chamber of Deputies, must appear before the Office of the Internal Comptroller of the Legislative Complex to respond to the various administrative procedures initiated against him. The most serious sign they make of him is that he works in two places at the same time: in the lower house and in the office of the Cuautémoc mayor. It should also respond to relevant complaints such as the lack of attention to transparency requirements made by INAI and clarify some discrepancies found in its equity declarations. The notification, they assure us, has already been delivered to the union leader, who, in addition to being an office, is usually seen in a sort of extension of that office next to the cafeteria.