Relatives of victims of loyalist murders say they have been ‘saved’ by new report

Relatives of victims of a series of Loyalist murders committed between 1989 and 1993 have said they have been “verified” by the Police Ombudsman’s report, which states that “their concerns about collusive activity are valid and justified”. “.

“We have been proven right in our persistent claims of complicity, particularly by the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) and the UDR (Ulster Defense Regiment) in the killings of our loved ones,” they said in a statement issued by relatives for justice. The families of eight victims and two survivors of the attacks.

Other relatives also welcomed the report, including Amanda Fullerton, who said it was “important to get a public statement from anyone in high office that reflects your concerns about collusion”.

Ms. Fullerton’s father, Eddie, a Sinn Féin counselor, was shot dead in 1991 at their home in Bankrana, Donegal by loyalist paramilitary forces. In 2006, his family complained to the Police Ombudsman that RUC officers had colluded and failed to kill him. To assist in the Garda investigation.

His complaint later investigated police action in connection with 19 murders by the Police Ombudsman and several attempted murders by the North West UDA/UFF between 1989 and 1993, including the killing of eight people at the Rising Sun Bar. Gresteel, Co Derry in October 1993.

In her report published today (Friday), Mary Anderson identified “collusive behavior” and raised “significant concerns” about police conduct, but found no evidence that the RUC had been accused of any of the attacks considered in its report. had no prior knowledge about it.

She said that “most of the RUC investigative actions” in relation to the attacks in question were “proceeded in a thorough and diligent manner” with arrests and a number of individuals arrested and convicted.

import of arms

Ms Anderson outlined a number of specific findings, including “intelligence and surveillance failures”, which enabled the North West UDA/UFF to arm themselves with weapons from formerly loyalist arms imports and which “significantly increased” their capability.

There was a failure to warn many of the victims about threats to their lives, and a failure to act against some members of security forces who were suspected of passing information to loyalist paramilitaries.